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  1. Everytime i hear that song
  2. Spanish Appreciation blog
  3. Recently I had a dream about my ex
  4. Who is winning this election (UK)
  5. Idk you but welcome back
  6. Omg Roxette has died :(
  7. Lol im actually shook
  8. Loves my Spanish and Brazilan friends
  9. Lmfao dont fuck with me maricon
  10. Dont fucking spam me to vote for you
  11. Damina1990
  12. Hey fashionista
  14. Em ok seriously why does this shit always happen..
  15. Slut lake < 3
  16. The xenaphobia is real in stars
  17. Who needs fisting
  18. Drunk and it's not 9pm
  19. Is thanksgiving basically like mini christmas?
  20. Sorry to the people who lost ts on me.
  21. I was hoping for a plot twist
  22. Taragmolester is obviously Spanish/brazilian
  23. These blogs about thirteen are getting annoying
  24. Anyone wanna play a rookies :)
  25. Lol me when top blogs are only 28 points
  26. Come South of the Border with me.
  27. Starbursts
  28. Stars supports
  29. Lol this f3 in stars is kinda Iconic tbh.
  30. It's sad that this site is coming to an end.
  31. When your friends fight on the blogs pages.
  32. Remember when rando did the halloween avis
  33. Why do you keep blogging about me?
  34. I'm a victim
  35. happy birthday
  36. on wednesday's we wear pink
  37. I'm 30 in January
  38. I want to thank the women of this site
  39. Thanks for the gift
  40. em whats changed on here

Who is joshypoo on virtulife?

May 13, 2019 by damo1990

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