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  1. Frooks?
  2. Throwback to one stars I was in
  3. I wish i joined this stars
  4. Hmmm
  5. So you're a tough guy
  6. Gl new stars cast
  7. Ok so i just logged onto my youtube
  8. I am shocked and appalled
  9. I'm erased
  10. Lmfao
  11. Lol I'm in a good mood
  12. Ok this bitch really be making f2
  13. Midterms baby
  14. So there is 8 people in stars
  15. 1st frooks back and I may have fucked up my finals..
  16. Shout out to Slutlake
  17. I hope you all are ready to cast your vote
  18. Do frooks take long to fill these days?
  19. Who missed me?
  20. I see your spirit in the sky
  21. I have a new Eurovision favourite
  22. Grabs popcorn
  23. Looking forward to making my return to frooks..
  24. Can't sleep
  25. Just boarding the plane to Poland
  26. I hate when people try and force their opinions
  27. I wanna frooks but dont wanna wait like hours.
  28. Why is everyone so serious today?
  29. Go to AA
  30. Thanks for the gift
  31. Happy st Patrick's day fam
  32. I'm so drunk I can't feel my face
  33. Attacks on any religion is never right.
  34. Going to Poland this next week :)
  35. Lmfao
  36. Sorry for losing your ts guys
  37. Jury voting for frooks finals
  38. Sometimes in frooks im lazy
  39. I am hoping to get a shop this week
  40. Tbh some of the Brazilians and Spanish


Apr 15, 2019 by damo1990
These stars polls are very one-sided


Sent by me2013,Apr 15, 2019

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