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  1. I hate when people try and force their opinions
  2. I wanna frooks but dont wanna wait like hours.
  3. Why is everyone so serious today?
  4. Go to AA
  5. Thanks for the gift
  6. Happy st Patrick's day fam
  7. I'm so drunk I can't feel my face
  8. Attacks on any religion is never right.
  9. Going to Poland this next week :)
  10. Lmfao
  11. Sorry for losing your ts guys
  12. Jury voting for frooks finals
  13. Sometimes in frooks im lazy
  14. I am hoping to get a shop this week
  15. Tbh some of the Brazilians and Spanish
  16. Why are people betting on me
  17. Loving you is a losing game
  18. has anyone any St Patricks
  19. 4 frooks finals in a row.
  20. Mood
  21. +1 Survivor
  22. I need a sugar Daddy
  23. My brothers bank account got hacked
  24. Lol ya I agree with the blogs
  25. Ok i listened to all Eurovision songs
  26. Ok Switzerland are winning Eurovision this year.
  27. Thanks Mark
  28. RIP didnt get my shop
  29. Tbh I love reading frooks drama
  30. Everyday I come on here I expect
  31. Did someone just break up with
  32. Ireland release their song tomorrow.
  33. +5 frookies instant start.
  34. Good Morning :)
  35. Good evening
  36. No premades
  37. Jadine, Fiona and Britt,
  38. I love Lincoln
  39. +7 frookies instant start.
  40. I feel so blessed

I kinda wanna play frooks but its +12

Jan 12, 2019 by damo1990


If u join it would be +11
Sent by danyyboy67,Jan 12, 2019
Hi my name is ben
Sent by babybear10,Jan 12, 2019

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