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now have 2250T's

4thNov 12, 2014 by cubs4ever
Thinking to gift another person who doesn't have much designs


Sent by EliotWhi,Nov 12, 2014
Sent by Maxi1234,Nov 12, 2014
tv star with 2 designs =[
Sent by unkown,Nov 12, 2014
Me? please...
Sent by OhNatalie,Nov 12, 2014
Hey cubs4ever those female eyes are cute
Sent by skylord,Nov 12, 2014
gift christossss :)
Sent by owlb0ned,Nov 12, 2014
its his bday maxi1234
Sent by chibideidara,Nov 12, 2014
Sent by Mahalpin11,Nov 12, 2014
Ily =]
Sent by Lucinda,Nov 12, 2014
please gift me!

I will gift you back, and I need a full page of gifts! :)
Sent by Delete2544,Nov 12, 2014
*Raises Hand*

i have 3 designs and WAS supposed to get a gift for spamming for someone but they lied about it :3
Sent by pikachu142,Nov 12, 2014
me. A giftless noob
Sent by harrywasnak,Nov 12, 2014
Me please! All I need left is eyes and lips and I only have 6 gifts! I'd love the lips in shops :)
Sent by Moxii,Nov 12, 2014
i would love a gift :)
Sent by SeaKing,Nov 12, 2014
And all i need is Eyes hair and lips lol
Sent by pikachu142,Nov 12, 2014
i highly recommend christossss

but if not you could gift me a tiara for hating me for no reason??????????

but pls choose chris and tell me why you hate me
Sent by owlb0ned,Nov 12, 2014
Awww thanks jess < 3 hope you gift me :)
Sent by christossss,Nov 12, 2014
Maxi1234 is a poor and struggling noob on this dangerous site and needs more gifts for protection :(
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Nov 12, 2014
Support Television... xo
Sent by _Aria,Nov 12, 2014
Sent by Aydanmac01,Nov 12, 2014
me b/c we miss eachother and how much we use to talk :(
Sent by Thumper91,Nov 12, 2014
i love all the deisgns but paricularly the platinum weave from lucinda
my year anniversary is coming up, my birthdaywas last week and i REALLY hope you can gift me
if not id still love to become friends
Sent by Timberlie,Nov 12, 2014
Pls I have no designs an would love the suit
Sent by DrPepsi,Nov 12, 2014
i dont have any, i wouldnt mind whichmale design though :)
Sent by GrrrImABear,Nov 12, 2014
plz I has 0 designs so ya
Sent by HowLovely,Nov 12, 2014
WTF BITCH Maxi1234 i didnt S T E A L SHIT
Sent by Sheena,Nov 12, 2014
meee ;)
Sent by SydneyWalsh,Nov 12, 2014
Me please... I have only 1 design bought into auction game...I've never received a gift! :(
Sent by FedeBenna,Nov 12, 2014
MEEEEE I have 1
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Nov 12, 2014
I'm a Good Samaritan
Sent by rowan22,Nov 12, 2014
OMG me please. The lips.
Sent by RobertGuajardo,Nov 12, 2014
alexavontrayne needs lips
Sent by LordJza,Nov 12, 2014
me please tysm and anything female OMG UR so nice!!
Sent by DaniD,Nov 12, 2014
I only have 1 design :)
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Nov 12, 2014
I have NO designs....#noob ):
Sent by luke_l00,Nov 12, 2014
pls lips :(
Sent by PureEssence,Nov 12, 2014
me hunty
Sent by slaypapa,Nov 12, 2014
Me please :(
Sent by BrunoMiguel,Nov 12, 2014
Ummm .. that tiara/headband whatever it is from ria's shop would be lovely :)
Sent by SummerLockie,Nov 12, 2014
oh. hi.
Sent by Octopusbubbles,Nov 12, 2014
Me please I got nothing
Sent by TigerTyrel2011,Nov 12, 2014
gift me the pink and gray vest please! I need more clothes ;)
Sent by 2Beastly,Nov 13, 2014
Sent by Tetsuya,Nov 13, 2014
me please :)
Sent by sosyomomma,Nov 13, 2014
Sent by joaquint561,Nov 13, 2014
Sent by lexibear,Nov 13, 2014
ihave like still plenty but ill love love love soemthing cubs4ever and i know that u love me honestly:(
Sent by Elvira,Nov 13, 2014
cubs4ever lol read that (btw sorry about caps lock) ^^^^
Sent by lexibear,Nov 13, 2014
how about me ?
Sent by andalarew_2231,Nov 13, 2014
Haha I only have 1 :D
Sent by wangifold,Nov 13, 2014
Cubs4ever!!! i am silver level with not a complete avi. I have been on this site for 3 years and im pretty sure you used ot know my old account from over 3 years ago. Anyways, i would really appreciate male eyes.
Sent by JColeWorld,Nov 13, 2014
I think the people who do this are so sweet, especially with the prices in shops so high :)
Sent by Gemini,Nov 13, 2014
please me ;(
Sent by XoAmanda,Nov 13, 2014
Me I have 1 and I am a gold level
Sent by top20fan33,Nov 13, 2014
Styxxe if it's not too late. 0 designs o/
Sent by Styxxe,Nov 14, 2014
Sent by treywilkerson1,Nov 15, 2014
I have no designs except default
Sent by Survivorpanda,Nov 17, 2014
Sent by rory17,Jan 9, 2015
me I have none
Sent by Jasong1216,Jan 24, 2015
Sent by Dev_,Feb 27, 2015
Spank me and I will lick u
Sent by TheKingsniffer,Mar 13, 2015

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