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The cubs4ever's blog

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who wants the becky shirt Jul 9, 2015
I will gift someone the shirt and I try get it for someone who doesn't have any designs.
Points: 76 16 comments
now have 2250T's Nov 12, 2014
Thinking to gift another person who doesn't have much designs
Points: 393 61 comments
I have 2120 T's Dec 16, 2013
My gift list is including these people without any.  I hope to gift at least 2 of them before Christmas.  They don't have any designs either.

Points: 116 18 comments
Your new tv star color person Jul 20, 2012
I finally made it to tv star color and I never thought I would buy it.  Now I did.  Only thing left for me to do is just enter a stars game but not sure when to do that.  Get little scare to.  The rest am buying designs for people who I like to buy for or those that have no designs
Points: 1465 86 comments