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opening Up

1stAug 21, 2017 by cswaggerr
This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time but haven't quite been able to until now. I really wanna open up about this issue because I know a lot of people in the Tengaged community relate to it and I want all those people to know that they are not alone in their struggles.

As most of you don't know I suffer from an extreme form of anxiety. Something as simple as hanging out with friends can give me a full blown panic attack. More often than not I have night time panic attacks that wake me up from my sleep: heart racing, wild anxious thoughts- it leaves me scared and unable to fall back to sleep. In some regards I am extremely social. My anxiety is way less when I'm drunk so I often times find myself wanting to drink every time I go anywhere with anyone. I hate long car rides, being in lines gives me panic attacks...I could really go on and on about the battles I face in my every day life. I stay strong because I am determined to be successful even with this setback.

The point is, for those of you that can relate to this you are not alone <3!


love ya <3
wow thatd make me so nervous like all the time ugh
Sent by Darbe,Aug 21, 2017
you're definitely not alone man
keep moving forward
Sent by maturo,Aug 21, 2017
I love u so much carlos <3 yes
Sent by Roshy,Aug 21, 2017
Sent by benp428,Aug 21, 2017
you are a strong individual carlos ! love you even though u may not know me as much :) if u need something tell me !
Sent by ImGonnaWin,Aug 21, 2017
God I love you so much
Sent by tonyalbright,Aug 21, 2017
omg same literally I can't go out unless I'm drinking with friends otherwise my throat feels like it closes over :////
Sent by Clouds,Aug 21, 2017
I love u cswaggerr
Sent by semajdude,Aug 21, 2017
I completely relate. My anxiety was so bad that I hated going outside my home. I had no desire to drive, get a job,  be around people and make friends. But I never gave up and eventually I realized that life was livable with anxiety, and as a result I have been able to lessen the anxiety I have and feel much better about myself now.
Sent by teamjacz,Aug 21, 2017
Definitely relatable <3 thank you for sharing
Sent by k4r4k,Aug 21, 2017
same thing with me just not as severe
Sent by xShift,Aug 21, 2017
Ur definitely not alone :)
Sent by Russell11,Aug 21, 2017
<3 i relate completely!! but when i do get the panic attacks, they're more internal and i end up dissassociating :(. my friends are like "no u dont have this" and im like "its a clinical diagnosis sistren"
Sent by rollingderp,Aug 21, 2017
I love you so much carlos! <3
Stay strong!
Sent by TaraG,Aug 21, 2017
I understand the anxiety I still have problems myself with that nd depressionit takes courage though to come out and say it..especially on this site. Your amazing, smart, protective ,cute as hell, loyal, funny , just the best all around guy! Love you Carlos ❤❤
Sent by shellbelle,Aug 21, 2017
and I'm always here for you if you need someone who will not be judgemental  love ya babe always ❤❤
Sent by shellbelle,Aug 21, 2017
I get the drunk part although it was hard for me to drink when I started Zoloft. I didn't want it to make me feel bad and it would've
Sent by RasCity,Aug 21, 2017
Can totally relate, I can be super extroverted when drinking but without it can be tough. Hang in there
Sent by Anas,Aug 21, 2017
ily <3
Sent by lliiaamm,Aug 21, 2017
love ya bro. if you want to talk hmu, im facing similar struggles
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Aug 21, 2017
Love u Carlos....been there still doing that lol <333
Sent by Minniemax,Aug 21, 2017
Wow I completely relate with this and thank you for posting. I appreciate it deeply, if you ever need to talk know I'm here :(
Sent by denisg29,Aug 21, 2017

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