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4thAug 3, 2017 by cswaggerr
...and I will give you an overall rating (1-10) and a short opinion.

#malachite05 - 6.5, I dont know you too well but you seem like a really nice guy.

#semajdude - 9.5, you are a super cool dude and are one of my better friends on this site. Ily!

#1001games -10, broo you already know you were literally one of my first friends on this site and someone I can say I fully trust 100%. Still gotta go to the bar someday.

#eric_136 -7, we have had our ups and downs when it comes to games, but outside of games you have always been a good friend and a nice guy.

#amf7410 - 6, I also don't know you too well, but we did work together in a group game a long ass time ago, idk if u remember.

#_aria - 6, I don't think we have ever had a personal conversation but from what we have talked you seem pretty cool. Also a fan of your shop <3

#maturo -7, Joe you are a nice guy and we get along pretty good. We should talk more :)

#dakotacoons -7, first time I met you was on my Bachelor game. You have always been really nice and sweet.

musicinme -8, you're an awesome fratmate and always super loyal in games.

obstreperous - 7, you have been a loyal Party Tutor member for a very long time. We definetely need to talk more.

lazeric - 7.5, you are a pretty cool dude. Sometimes i feel like u low key dont like me or something. But u have always been a good friend.

XxLoveWakizaxX - 7, I think you're really good at games and know how to make smart decisions, sometimes though you are willing to make a move against someone your building a friendship with to win a game, and I respect that. But building trust with you is a little hard.

tryandbeatme16 - 9, another one of my first friends on this site. You are super nice and loyal. Even though you deleted me off your friends list lol.

grrrimabear - 6.5, don't know you that good, but from what we have talked you seem like a really cool dude.

brandonpinzu - 5, I don't know you at all really. Or not that I can remember.

darbe - 9.5, Brad!!! You are such a sweet guy and if our time difference wasn't so drastic we would probably be best friends.

vanili - 9.5, another one of the sweetest people on Tengaged. You are such a sweet heart.

shellbelle - 10, Michelle babe you know how much you mean to me. I'm so happy we met because you have a heart of gold and mean the world to me <3.

rocketokid13 - 6, i dont know you that good, but we have talked a few times and you have always been nice to me.

wpwsers196 - 8, solid guy, wish we talked more :)

novamax243 - 6, I dont know you that well, but I always felt like you were someone's multi.

finn315 - 5, you pretty much always come after me in games, but I don't have anything against you personally.

roshy - 9, You're another person who is really good at these games. And somehow you manage to be pretty loyal. You're also cute and a nice guy :).

lliiaamm - 8, every single game I have played with you we have always worked together. You're super chill and trustworthy, we should talk more.

kob3sm1th - 8, we met in a weird way lmfao, but you were super helpful and since have been an awesome dude. I think we could be good friends of we got to know each other better.

bengalboy - 7, we have never really had a one on one conversation, but from what I've seen of you around Tengaged you seem like a good guy. Your blogs are often pretty funny too.

manniboi - 7, omg i remember when you made Marcus hate me lol. He still don't talk to me now. At the time I thought that was fucked up but since then you have been pretty cool and I got over it.

acyuta - 8, you are one of the nicest people on Tengaged. And I'm happy we met on here. We definetely need to talk more and get to know each other better.

eva1 - 8.5, we used to be really good friends on here and always skayed with each other in games. Now I feel like you dont like me no more. Or maybe it's cause we never talk now. Either way i miss you <3.

dwipeouts - 5, don't think we have ever talked or worked together in games. So feel neutral about you.

steven999 - 6.5, I dont really remember how exactly we met. But i know we used to work together in games a lot. We should get to know each other better.

ghrocky100 -6, do't know you personally but you seem cool and I'm a fan of your blogs.

TaraG - 10, one of my closest friends on thiss site. You are always there for me and I know I can always count on you. Love u mucho <3


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me :)
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me cswaggerr
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cswaggerr my heart is only gold because you make it that way!! Love ya!!!
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