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***Stars Finals Blog***

9thFeb 13, 2016 by cswaggerr
imageTo begin with I would like to thank all of my supporters who saved me both times I was nommed (for 14th and 4th). I wouldn't be here without you guys. I would also like to thank all of the fallen stars that were loyal to me and helped me get to this amazing moment. (i will write Tributes after this).

I started off this game strong and quickly realized playing too hard was an issue, as I found myself nommed for 14th. I quickly adjusted my gameplay and started to only talk about nom sets with players who I 100% trusted. I played a very loyal game all the way until the end, and even though it caused me to be nommed for 4th. i am glad that I was able to end the game how I went in.

I worked at the game every day making sure I wasn't flipping and lying about nom sets that I didn't actually plan on locking in. This made it so that when we got to F6 I was able to make these crucial game moves without the cast thinking I was up to something. I played a very straight forward game and always made moves that benefitted my game.

I also learned this game that you cannot trust anyone. Not when it comes to Stars. I entered the game with Jojo being the person I considered to be my closest friend and the person whom I could always trust. But once Jojo flipped on our alliance I quickly had to rely on new allies. Tomba and Karim were probably the two people who right from the start had my 100% loyalty

All in all I'm not gonna make a shirtless vlog for votes. Any vote I get I want it to be based off of gameplay and actual support not a video of me exploiting my body. I never expected to get this far. And just making finalz is really exciting. Good luck Alec and Karim!!!!

Until next time Stars!


+15 goodluck :)
Sent by Tommeh208,Feb 13, 2016
Goodluck bro :)
Sent by Xx_Legend_xX,Feb 13, 2016
At least your clothes are on. You'll only lose because someone used their body for votes.
GL & may the best person win.
Sent by zachboy967,Feb 13, 2016
Sent by trickdaddy6,Feb 13, 2016
Sent by MightyGoober,Feb 13, 2016
Good luck i hope u win
Sent by Lissylion15,Feb 13, 2016
Congrats man you killed it I hope you win :))
Sent by danyyboy67,Feb 13, 2016
Thank u all
Sent by cswaggerr,Feb 13, 2016
Sent by brandonrichie,Feb 13, 2016
Sent by TaraG,Feb 13, 2016
send ass pic
Sent by MarijaSerifovic,Feb 14, 2016
Sent by Akora,Feb 14, 2016
Sent by tomba,Feb 14, 2016
Best of luck
Sent by skittleshark101,Feb 14, 2016

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