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  3. Tyler may be stripped of HoH
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No title Dec 10, 2018
any skype games tonight?
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link me to rpdr holislay plzzzz Dec 8, 2018
cant find that shit online
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Tyler may be stripped of HoH Sep 3, 2018
Footage is being reviewed.
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comment something dumb you did Jul 30, 2018
As a noob.

For me the dumbest thing I did when I first joined this site was in my first few games where it says type a welcome message I literally wrote some corny shit. Like a bio of my life lmfao. Like Hi I'm Carlos, I'm from Florida. Then I realized no one did that.
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Okay these designers are too much Jul 20, 2018
Seriously you DO NOT own copyrights to outfits celebrities wear lol. Like if I find a dress and design it myself on paint from scratch that is not your design. You didnt sew the fucking dress I'm sorry. These designers wanna claim design shapes and ideas. You dont have a damn patent on celebrities at award shows.

Literally they think they own designs from doll sites. Like if I get on the doll site and make it myself they think they can control me posting it. Get a life. Stop being so entitled that you think you're the only person that gets to design things.
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I dont think it is fair for my designs to have been removed because I had permission to post every single thing that I did. Both from you, gagaluv , and krisstea!!! The Varsity Jacket i blogged asking who gave permission. Gaga messaged me that she did and gave me permission to post. Screenshot of convo below. If the rules were later announced differently I should not be penalized! I followed the rules and was given permission. As far I was aware I did everything correctly.

Then, the Handmaids Tale design I also was not sure if it would be considered a legal design so before posting I asked you specifically admin and you said you need permission. I let you know that I indeed did have permission from krisstea , and you said I can post it. Screenshots of our convo below.

Thirdly, the Surfer people are saying MightyGoober didnt design it but as far as I was aware he did because thats what i was told! There needs to be a formal list of designs if people can claim something as their own and a shop owner posts not knowingly that it is an edit or whatever. Hopefully my items are restored because i have shown proof i was given permission by Gaga and given the green light on the Handmaids Tale design from you.

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