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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hello. This Is Important.

2ndSep 23, 2021 by crimsonteer
My name is crimsonteer and ive spent 10 years on this site, some of you may know me as Lake and some may know me as a pick me person. I have met some people I love on this site and I have met some people I hate on this site. I have dropped in activity level ever since finding out orgs were a thing and this site just growing in pedophiles and racist. With that being said I still support the site and all of its mods trying their best to grow the site, with that being said that's not the reason I am here today.

My little brother attempted suicide two nights ago, and I learned about it last night. He was to say the least very depressed with his life and had no friends and I did not know, of course I feel as if I didnt do a good enough job as a big brother for him, anyways the reason I share this with whoever decides to read this today is that you matter, and to me you matter, whether we talk, we dont talk, or I ended off bad with you, I care for everyone on this site that has at least some good in their heart. I hope I have a voice and some can listen and with that voice I just want to say, if you are ever in a hard spot in life and are thinking of taking your life, please dont. You will always no matter what you think have someone who will listen and care. Luckily my brother has been given a 2nd life and his attempts to kill himself have failed. Like I said if you are ever in a hard spot and have my Skype, I will always listen and try to better your mood, I love this community and I love this site, and I wish one day we all can agree that part of us kinda grew on this site or at least learned something. Anyways you all matter and I promise that, I hope you who reads this knows that, thank you.


omg lake :( sending so much love to u and ur family. if u need to talk u know my messy ass is always here
Sent by purplebb4,Sep 23, 2021
Hugs so much
Sent by David2560,Sep 23, 2021
Sent by DarkTyphoon23,Sep 23, 2021
Sending love
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Sep 23, 2021
i love you so much king <3 im here for you if u need me, always.
Sent by Hufus,Sep 23, 2021
Sending love Lake <3 Here for you always as well
Sent by smi9127,Sep 23, 2021
Thank you for this and thank you for being a light I’m so so sorry to hear that news and I’m praying for y’all
Sent by FromAWindow,Sep 23, 2021
Omg lake I’m sending hugs and love praying
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Sep 23, 2021
Sent by Eoin,Sep 23, 2021
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Sep 23, 2021
Love you Lake... it's always tough to know that someone close to you is struggling, but I'm glad your brother is okay. You know I'm always here for you.
Sent by Absol,Sep 23, 2021
Omg Lake, I am praying for him, you, and your family rn. Sending y'all sm love. <3
Sent by pinkiepie512,Sep 23, 2021
ugh I hate this. my lil sis did this a few years ago. sending you good vibes.
Sent by brosky17,Sep 23, 2021
I'm so sorry to hear this Lake, ilysm and i hope you and him most importantly are doing fine! Show the most support to him now and thank you for being supportive of anyone else <3
Sent by Hunty,Sep 23, 2021
Awh Lake so sorry to hear this :( always here for you if you need
Sent by J2999,Sep 23, 2021
Im glad your brother is safe. Stay strong and take care of him.
Sent by Minie,Sep 23, 2021
sending love, so sorry to read this :( hope you and your family stay strong
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Sep 23, 2021
I love u with my entire heart.
Sent by peace123,Sep 24, 2021
Lake I adore you and hope he and your family are okay :(
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 24, 2021
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Sep 24, 2021
You're a king Lake, hoping everything works out for you
Sent by sosyomomma,Sep 24, 2021
Ily lake
Sent by Singsongers,Sep 24, 2021
Omg 😳
Ilysm Lake… praying for you and you family
Sent by Midiaw,Sep 24, 2021
I'm so sorry for your loss.. may he rest in peace. Sending so much love to you and your family in these hard times.
Sent by MikeRORO,Sep 24, 2021

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