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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

You can twist and intimidate

14thMar 25, 2023 by countrysavage
Other folks words and do others how you want, because they think they owe you. boysofsummer2005

I don't owe you shit.

Intimidate you, nah boy. I don't have too. I guarantee I will have the last laugh.

Ask SexyTex lmfao, (sorry but you know I'm a rebel ass king)


did u just call urself a rebel
Sent by mortgy,Mar 25, 2023
Whats this about?
Sent by SexyTex,Mar 25, 2023
I am a rebel mortgy
Sent by countrysavage,Mar 25, 2023
This blog is cringe.. you (and I) are too old for some fake internet drama. Move on. Get revenge. Idc. But this whole blog page drama crap is childish.. Ty have a nice night.
Sent by boysofsummer2005,Mar 25, 2023

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