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Sobbing at Survivor

Apr 13, 2017 by coreypanda
While it's easy to be livid at Varner, I am crying because I see 6 people (including Probst) all from different walks of life. All of them compassionate, loving, understanding, and recognizing the magnitude of this situation in the society we live in. A society where trans people are being murdered and discriminated against over bathrooms and just for existing.

My little gay heart is full to think that in 2017 with a racist orangutan president and many people fueled by hate; that there are people with compassion who are also showing Survivor viewers (many of whom are suburban or rural people who don't get exposed to trans people, so they assume it's wrong) that it is not something to fear or be hateful of.

Also props to Probst and CBS for not exploiting the fuck out of Zeke and making his story a typical "look at this transgendered" story line. The editors really took this seriously and made it a learning experience for viewers who may have not know otherwise, and I am very very proud of Zeke for handling all of that in the way he did.


YES, amen
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great blog
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