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  1. i swear to god
  2. lol why is smug making fun of minie's age
  3. losing my stars support
  4. omg it's HEATHER'S first STARS!
  5. tag someone FAKE
  6. Hosting Anarchy Box 20 @ 10:15PM EST
  7. Do you guys consider
  8. on call with DaddyDev
  9. Imagine being so obsessed with me
  10. Honestly
  11. Question
  12. Hosting Anarchy Box 19 @ 10:15PM EST
  13. honestly
  14. One shouldn't judge
  15. Hosting Anarchy Box @ 9PM EST
  16. unfilter me
  17. Hosting Anarchy Box @ 9PM EST
  18. i miss you
  19. anyone wanna help for a dance/lip sync video
  20. remember when you got 13th in your charity
  21. Congrats to
  22. for every -15
  23. YIKES
  24. i miss u
  25. am i a challenge beast
  26. imagine making 3 blogs about me
  27. I will venmo each of you $25
  28. I will venmo each of you $10
  29. Eli Ortiz
  30. Transphobia
  31. congrats
  32. anyway it is my own fault
  33. The NEW Pink Box
  34. hosting pink box @ 4:30pm est
  35. throwback
  36. sorry but at the end of the day
  37. hosting a late night pink box @ 1am est
  38. hosting pink box @ 6:40
  39. Who wins this twitter feud?
  40. Also congrats to

i swear to god

Sep 9, 2019 by coreyants
all these t-orgs now have ALL the same casts

Like I can legit predict who the people will be these days

I miss the days of t-vivor and t-brother at least we got some originality back then.


start one and ill join
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 9, 2019
Grats on being on Trinity
Sent by JetsRock12,Sep 9, 2019
and since so many people play, they all know each other well enough to team up, against newer org players.
Sent by paul028,Sep 9, 2019
lol i'm in 4 ORGs right now all on fb and about to be in a skype one jetsrock12
Sent by coreyants,Sep 9, 2019

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