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No title Jan 16, 2017
Interested in online reality games ? Go check this blog out
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Online reality game opportunity Jan 16, 2017
imageSo I know I'm not that wel known here anymore . However I help host an online survivor game called prosurvivor! We are currently casting for our 9th season and man is
It gonna be a good one. This game requires video and mic. If you are interested in applying send me a message on Tengaged or on Skype at Corey120. If you are an alumni of prosurvivor you may still apply for this one of a kind season!!
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Casting For a Big Brother ORG Apr 12, 2016
imageHave you ever thought about crossing over into the Online Reality game community and actually get the experience of playing Big Brother or Survivor?
Well I am currently helping cast for a big brother style Skype Org. If you are interested in trying this out. Message me here or on Skype at corey120 for the application. Thanks
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Interested in play an Online Reality Game? Sep 7, 2015
Well ProSurvivor is casting for its 5th season and we are getting set for the best season yet? If you are comfortable with going on cam and mic and playing the closest thing to actual survivor, then this is for you. If interested pm me on tengaged or Skype @ Corey120, and I can give you the application. For your viewing pleasure ahead of time here is a dramatic tribal from S4

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ORG May 14, 2015
Ever thought about playing an ORG? Check this out and plus please
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ProSurvivor4: Cyprus ORG May 14, 2015
imageHello everyone! I know I'm not around much any more, however I still am involved in Survivor based Org, or online reality games. I am part of a very successful skype/proboards/cam game called ProSurvivor! We are going into are 4th season and its going to be great! I know there are some great tengaged players out there that would be great at Orgs! So if you are interested please comment in here or shoot me a message or hit me on Skype at corey120. I will also include in this blog one of the episodes of S2. IN this episode you will see tengaged players such as jm101 schmooboy and others!

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