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Aug 9, 2014 by corey1
Hi Everyone! I know I haven't been around lately and I bet you are loving it! LOL. However, I am now part of the ORG community. I am here to bring a new ORG game to your attention that I would love for some people from here to apply for. It is hosted by my good friends Audrey and our own robbyrob . Here is the promo and a bit about the game!

PRO SURVIVOR PRESENTS: SURVIVOR BELIZE- EMPIRE OF THE SUN! This is the trailer for the game . You can apply now here:
Get prepared for the greatest social experiment you’ve seen an ORG provide yet. The oldest thing known to man is our universe. We still are unsure of it’s size, number of occupants, or how we truly even came to be apart of it. Through the course of time many ancient cultures have looked up to the heavens and used the stars as a guide for their course work here on earth. Categorized by 12 constellations, The Zodiac wheel encompasses a map of the exact origins of each planetary position at any and every moment during their cycle of transition. Each of the 12 signs are apart of a unique combination of one of the four Elements -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water. They individually represent a different aspect of the whole human; Aries starts the cycle, representing the self, and Pisces completes it, representing the mass unconscious of all mankind. In between, every other sign carries the energy of a different phase of man's evolution. These elements and qualities demonstrate that we are all part of the environment, and that there is a connection between all living things and all matter on this planet. Today’s skeptic challenges the idea though, that the planetary positions and stars have any effect or influence on our way of life at all. How deeply have you delve into understanding the nature of your zodiac sign? Is it possible to provoke actions or reactions from others just from knowing the nature of theirs?
This season ProSurvivor is challenging it’s contestants to rely on the same instincts that the ancient cultures have relied on for centuries before us. Interpreting the stars to access secrets of hidden forces throughout the game, as well as truly understanding the elemental nature of their competitors. The future belongs to those who know where they belong. The only way for these castaways to thrive, is to find their rightful place if they want to outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest. In the end, one will win, and be crowned the first ProSurvivor of Belize: Empire of the Sun.

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