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Survivor Skype tournament

May 18, 2014 by corey1
Hello tengaged! Beginning this afternoon I will be hosting a series of six mini survivor games consisting of 12 ppl. The games will begin around 3pm eastern.  Each game should take approximately 90 min. The games will take place over Skype and each game will hold it's own twist. After each game 3 ppl will be selected to take part in the 7th game. Which will be an all stars game. The people that will take part will be the winner and runner up of that season as well as one player of the hosts choosing that played a good game but failed to come up with a finals. The winner of the all stars game will win a 150 dollar gift card to the place of their choosing. Yes you will actually get the prize. It's currently sitting in my savings account as we speak lol. So if you are interested please contact me through pms here or on Skype at corey120. I'm currently not on Skype tho so probably best to start with tengaged pms. Hope to see y'all soon.


Sent by Bradyman7,May 18, 2014

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