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tengaged horror story

Feb 11, 2018 by coolnarwhal88
you look outside on a cold winter's eve as your breath fogs the glass
the ghoulish wind combs through the hallows in a shocking delight
"he couldn't come tonight" you think to yourself as you look out in anticipation
you let out an exhale of relief, the fog clouds the pane once again
you pull your sleeve up to wipe the glass in a rhythmic motion
as you look outside again, ou see his face pressed directly against the window
he looks deeply haunted - impossibly perplexed
you scream, but its far too late for such a trivial taunt
his hands at your throat, his fingers on your jugular... he grins:
"i said id be back for you darling. i vowed to never forget when you backstabbed me in burger big brother all-stars"
the cold edge of his blade inches down your chilled spine:
"and now i get to return the favor"


i cry as he pulls the blade from my back

the dark figure slivers away, i catch a glimpse of my back in the reflection of the mirror and see a bloody carving of the number 13

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