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i've had time to think about it

Jan 8, 2018 by coolnarwhal88
gamechangers is better than cambodia, but much worse than all-stars and HVV


Sent by brenelle1120,Jan 8, 2018
Ranking of the all-vet seasons.

1) HvV
2) Cambodia
3) Game-Changers
4) All-Stars
Sent by VegasBoy94,Jan 8, 2018
Game Changers was female dominated by Sandra, Cirie, Andrea, and Sarah
I’m honestly surprised it is not more popular on Tengaged
Sent by Valero7,Jan 8, 2018
I much prefer Cambodia...
Vytas - Blindside
Shirin -Satisfying
Jeff - Satisfying
Monica - Blindside
Woo - Blindside
Savage - Blindside
Wigglesworth - Blindside
Ciera - Blindside
Fishbach - Blindside
Abi - Satisfying
Kimmi - Blindside
Kelley - Satisfying
End Game: Great
Cirie - Blindside
Tyson - Blindside
James - Satisfying
Rob - Satisfying
JT - Blindside
Candice - Blindside
Daniele - Blindside
Jerri - Blindside
End Game: Boring

Worst: Game Changers
3rd: All Stars
2nd: Heroes vs Villains
1st: Cambodia
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jan 8, 2018
Best - Heroes vs. Villains

All Stars

Worst - Cambodia or Game Changers, I will have to rewatch Cambodia, but I'm leaning towards Game Changers
Sent by survivornerd,Jan 9, 2018

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