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Attention All Frooks Players

Apr 7, 2021 by colehausman271
Stop bodybagging, bullying and victimizing kelly0412 in Frooks or I will be forced to take action and throw you on my official FROOKS ENEMY LIST (publicly available for viewing on my about me page). He is an extremely loyal and honest player who is happy and willing to work with anyone so stop wasting your HOHs on this CLASSY USER. just give him a chance. Its just not right to trash someone like this and it will be noted.

Sent by GentlemanG,Apr 7, 2021
The fact I’m already on your enemies list makes this fitting
Sent by FromAWindow,Apr 7, 2021
i'm scared of frooks
Sent by Jacadeux,Apr 7, 2021
Sent by Kelly0412,Apr 7, 2021

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