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Yo tengo la piel

Aug 31, 2023 by cocainita
Toda grasa de alibonico y no salgo de mi casa


Sent by KarmaSutra,Aug 31, 2023
Hahahahaha ya te gustaría tener mi piel chewaka hahahaahahahah y mi cuerpazo cerda hahahhaah rabiia perra asquerosa . Mientras yo me miro y soy feliz y no depresiva 300km
Sent by AliBonico,Aug 31, 2023
Sent by AliBonico,Aug 31, 2023
Brillante de grasa tienes xD Tu sabes que yo pienso que tengo un cuerpazo verdad? Y que no me ofendes llamándome gorda
Sent by cocainita,Aug 31, 2023
extreme happiness is my body, perfect and unique
Sent by AliBonico,Aug 31, 2023
@alibonica who tf are you calling an ugly bitch you whale shaped compulsive ass liar . Go lie about being sexual assaulted again you utter waste of dna. To top it all of you're shaped like a fucking refrigerator.  Humble yourself heffa.
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Aug 31, 2023
Purpurina y diveneo
Sent by AliBonico,Aug 31, 2023

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