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Cristi ❤︎

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Jajajajajajavote Jan 17, 2022
Que me van a banear estos hijos de la grandísima puta
Points: -7 3 comments
WTF calm downvote Jan 17, 2022
I think i can give my opinion, im not racist, maybe allí of you better think about finnick hating me because i have a beauty pussy and not a dick
Points: -146 13 comments
Tuquituquituquituqui Dec 26, 2021
Points: 30 2 comments
Diosa de los dildos Dec 15, 2021
Points: 10 1 comments
Tú si pareces un caballo! Dec 10, 2021
Points: 21 0 comments
OMG this ranking Dec 10, 2021
Just one black girl anda she is at the bottom of the list? Isnt that racist? WTF
Points: 1 1 comments