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PYN 馃寵

7thMar 18, 2023 by cocacola12
I will tell you my honest , brutal opinion about you <3 I havent done one of these in ages

hausofkimchi - we hadn't really met since yesterday which is WILD because i have seen your username a lot on this site. honestly, you seem genuine and someone i could see being good friends with on this site. <3

Fendimania - my ride or die. we broke boundaries with our duo dynamic and we paved the way. BUT FR you are genuinely a great friend and part of my daily duty is 'message fendi on discord saying good morning', we have the same humour and we can crack a joke, no one else will be laughing but at least we are. we have had a couple of hiccups but i always find my self gravitating towards you. thanks for being so amazing <3 love u so so much.

JohnPopper - hi!! we haven't really spoken much but i save you in stars and you used to be in Fendilicious I think.. if u wanna chat and get to know feel free to add my discord - lewis/coca#7234 <3

kiki4ever - where to even begin.... we are similar in the way we argue, we defend ourselves to the core and i guess when we get into an argument it just doesnt end up being resolved. being friends with you is so much better than being your enemy. you genuinely are the funniest person & you look out for your friends when needs be. i hope you think of me as a good friend. i look forward to chasing you on among us soon :)

Mackey - we were semi friends and we did belong in the same server i guess but i think we are just completely different people. i dont have much in common with you, i did get you banned but i hate cheating especially when ur friends were accusing me of the things u was doing ur self lol. but no bad blood and i remain civil moving forward x

CountrySavage - you are a REAL one. we have had our ups and downs but i genuinely believe this has made our friendship stronger. you are funny af and include me in everything you do which is super sweet. the best froookies alliance member, you know where itis.. thanks for being so amazing

StolenSeason - like country we have also had our ups and downs but i think read into your genuine advice as an attack which as i have got to know you and country a bit more, i realsie ur advice is ADVICE and it isn't an attack against me. you are MOM and you are a lovely lovely person. you have everyone's back and you are the voice of reason when i get into an argument i need u there telling me to stop. i love you <3

Bigjon21 - honestly i said this to fendimania yesterday, i had you completely wrong. i thought you looked down upon me and i thought you thought you was better than me. that was completely wrong and couldnt be further from the truth. you're so chill and relaxed and the type of person i get along with. you are really nice and welcoming to me even though i did you so so so wrong. that shows the type of person you are.. genuinely thank u so much :D

useamint - hey, I see your blogs here and there, you seem nice but i dont know 100% about you as we have never interacted (i dont think). but if you ever wanna get to know me feel free to add my discord lewis/coca#7234 :) also love the avi

sexytex - my honest opinion of you is that you are loyal af in games, you are nice to me but i can never tell what you think of me. i dont know if its just me overthinking but i sometimes think u dont like me maybe for the past or the strs game or you find me annoying. I can understand why. regardless, i think ur a great person & u make me laugh often with your comments. <333 thanks for being kind

JourdanBabyXoXo - omggg queen/king. i see you often in castings and you are always funny af. we havent got to know each other properly but if u ever wanna chat pls add my discord because i think we would get a long - lewis/coca#7234   .. keep grabbing those keys sis <3

temponeptune - first of all not this avi please remove!! second of al hi , i dont think we have really interacted much but i deffo see ur username a lot. just had a look at ur blogs and u seem chill and fun! if u ever wanna get to know or chat add my discord :)) lewis/coca#7234

Kaylabby - hey, i think we have had a few disputes in the past but minus blog drama u aint ever done anything wrong to me! i like how you stick up for your boyfriend (i mean its like a necessity in a relationship but i still think its sweet). if u ever wanna get to know me then yes u know what to do :D

joey96 - king/queen!! i think we have played a few games here and there before but we only properly met the other day and u was great to get to know. i wanna continue building our friendship and playing more games <3 ur fr the sweetest and LOYAL AF u cant find many of them around here.

Itachi_Uchiha - tj.. i think we were defo a lot closer before but i still consider you a great friend. i think a few dramas and i got you involved didnt help. i sometimes do evict you in games but every game is different with me if we dont speak i dont feel like i owe u much.. BUT. a side from games you are very funny and ur sense of humour is top notch. ur a great friend not just to me but to many people on this site and i dont think u get enough credit for that... <3

ImWeird - hey , i havent seen you around here much - are you new? u were in the OT I think in my survivor, you seem like a good person!! hopefully we play a game together soon :D x

titoburitto - you was in one of the best rookies ive ever played, it was social and fun!! you are an icon. i think you and your friends mistake my banter for being rude.. but it is what it is. im only messing around! LY x

systrix - ik we had drama before probably blog page drama - which i dont really take seriously!! actually most of the time i think what you blog about is the truth. you seem cool & you seem liked on the site - people arent liked for no reason. hopefully we get to play a game together soon :)

HeyImLogan - omq... you are the most genuine person on this site!! FOR REAL. I remember when you would backstab me in a fasting and id be like wtfffff.. now you would never dream of backstabbing me <3 you are loyal AF and i love u for always sticking by my side and sticking up for me when neccessary:)

PenguinOwen126 - heyy, we never really speak but i can always weirdly rely on you if i ever need a favour.. you do often vote me in frooks but its okay!! you are a real one and i feel like i can count on you

JonahFierce - jonah <3 you are one of the first ever friendships i made on this site. you are so real and also hilarious!! we need to speak more because i feel like i havent spoken to you in YEARS...!!!! <3 love u

Typhlosion37 - i am terrible and have an awful memory.. i cant remember if we have had drama or if we work well together lol? but i deffo know your username and have seen you pop up in my games and bog page! i also know you have a lot of friends on the site so that must say something about you :) !! I think we have played a few frookies and from what I can tell you are a good player x

mbarnish1 - a frookies OG!!!! I remember our skype chats and alliances in old school frooks. You are great. i miss playing with you! ur super loyal and ur one person i can deffo count on if i need anything at all, ur cool.

Smoothiez - honestly i seen u around ALOT recently but we have never really spoken on a personal level but today it all changed!!!! you are super nice and we get along quite well, looking forward to seeing where our friendship goes :) thanx for accpeting my apology lmfaooo

Woah - THE NICEST PERSON ON THE SITE.. PERIODT. You know whats up. I will defend your back and your name until the day i die, nice people deserve good karma and you are the definition of NICE. <3 I look forward to playing more games with you my bestie

Booyahhayoob - now you are one of my faves. we are complete opposites, personality wise and i dont think we have much in common but thats why i love u and speaking to u in servers lmfaooo. i was an absolute dick to you and thats one of my biggest regrets!! I accused you of a disgusting thing for no reason, just to get to you. but u taught me to never mess with those words in arguments again, i will never accuse someone of that shit just cos i dont like someone. im glad you was kind enough to move past it and tbh you're one of my favourites on this site, even tho we dont speak a lot.

Survivor8 - We work well in frookies (I think?) and you seem like a genuinely nice person... I have seen a few blogs about situations and i love how you defend yourself. Im about to reply to ur mail cos im 100% interested. <3

MattM - I remember your first game!!! and you played my stars game which was super nice of you. you slayed stars and i had ur back.. I hope you are doing well <3

Spyder701 - MOM. I love you and ur always super kind to me which means a lot to me tbh.. not many people are lol. I dont like ur username cos i hate spiders but maybe now i can learn to love spiders <3 love you

Lucas_RFS - We have played many of games together and I think we got off to the wrong foot in the beginning.. but since then we have definetly evolved and you have become someone I really trust now. Im glad we got through our drama, because we work well together

#CallMeTheGOAT - Omg.. I always get confused between whether we are friends or not hahaha. You are an active blog poster and im kinda here for it. Idk whether you like me or not I can never tell but you're fun nd you seem nice!! greatest of all the time i guess.

#iiGalaxyii - Icon tbh. I see you often sticking up for me, IDK if its genuine or just laughing at me but Ill take it!! You're also a stars king. I would like to get to know u more i feel like we dont play the same games so i dont really come across you apart from blog pages?? U seem DOPE


sure :)
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Oh I love this <3 thank you hun.
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