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Heres the link to ep 1 Feb 8, 2018
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OH MY GOD Sep 20, 2017
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Aussie survivor had a lot of potential Oct 11, 2016
With Brooke gone there isn't anyone I think I would be satisfied seeing winning. Flick is a vile cunt and has been since episode 1. I like EL but her winning would be the biggest WTF considering her edit. Sammy has slandered the jury in front of their faces and at times makes me question if he even knows what game hes playing. Lee will win if he gets to the end but imo would make for a pretty lousy winner considering he is all about morals and this whole ethics facade he tries to portray irks me to the core. Get tf out of here acting like the 500k isnt the main reason you came to play. Matt and Krissy are two of the most oblivious people I have ever seen play survivor and while I initially enjoyed krissy, ever since she merged she has tried so hard to convince herself she is in the majority and playing a good game. Matt is just as deluded.

Don't get me wrong, premerge australian survivor was absolutely amazing and I really hope that a second season arises because we got introduced to legends such as Phoebe, JL, Nick and many others I hope I get to see play again. In saying that, merge has been so lackluster with everyone I thought would make a good winner getting voted out one by one. Then the one person I think has been playing an amazing game from the majority alliance  (Brooke) and been pulling the strings from day 1 gets voted out. Post-merge I just can't seem to catch a break and Brooke truly was the last person I was rooting for and only remaining person who I personally think would have made for a good winner. Every other player won't necessarily be a bad winner but mediocre at best.

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BB18 Sweepstakes Jun 24, 2016
Who has your favourite team?


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link to episode 1 bb18 Jun 23, 2016
for anyone that needs it :P
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King Hughie Jun 21, 2016
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