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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


5thNov 7, 2021 by christossss
Happiest of birthdays to my ride or dieeeeee. I hope you have a blast tonight celebrating but most importantly I hope you have a blast the whole year. A year of happiness AND success since you're a big man doing big things now. Appreciate you and I hope this SURPRISE blog which I told you I would be making 20 minutes after deciding I would bring a smile in your dumbass face. lmk if you need a list of who forgot to send a message so you can block them ❤️

Marwane Happy birthday bestie ❤️ I love you so much and I hope you have an amazing day celebrating it however you wish! I’m not gonna leave you a cringe and cheesy opinion so this is all you get from me  - Hisoka

Enty we7id tefih w 7a9ir. Koul khra ye kelb! On the bright side, enty kelb latif w ktir mhezeb! N7ibek barcha w bitmenelek e3ez w atyab snin filled with many great moments! - Cutieamy

Happy birthday Marwane! I have always respected you & liked you and feel we have a lot in common and have enjoyed getting to know you more this year. Hoping you have a great birthday :) – jacksonjoseph99

Hey vape god masc 4 masc daddy! Happy birthday I hope you have such a good day!! Sad we don’t talk often anymore but I’ll always consider you a great friend!! You’re so funny and genuine and I love that we were so close at one point! Let’s catch up soon and plsssss hire me as ur private nurse when you get lung infections from vaping - MarieTori

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYA MYA <3 i cannot believe ive known your DISGUSTING ass since i was 14 YEARS OLD!!!! insane. i dont know why ive stuck around for so long... KIDDING! i love you so much and i hope you have the best day ever. i hope you can chill out for a little bc i know you've been stressed with school lately, so PLEASE take time for yourself today and have a good time! i wish we could celebrate in person but virtually will have to do <3 hope you have the best day ever. MWAH!- pureessence

Mr Cherita … the man of the moment! Happy birthday Marwane buddy, I hope you have an insane day doing all the things you love! Rock on pal xD - AmandaBynes

My Marmar, happy birthday ilysm, your craziness, your humour and you such a cutie. I love talking to you, you always keep me so intrigued and always laughing. I hope you have the best birthday because you deserve it, your a great friend and I appreciate you sm, I hope life is treating you well and you are slaying king.

Happy birthday bestie ❤️❤️ - bomberv

You are such a great person. I always enjoy seeing you in games! I like how you don’t allow this site to get to you or trouble you tbh. You just do your own thing haha. Honestly, you and Chris are hilarious together haha. You guys have a special bond, and it’s nice to see on here (haha a true dynamic duo). I hope you have a ton of fun but stay safe, happy birthday :)- skyler1822

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARMAR! king of business and (former?) vape god. I'm glad we've remained friends though everything because as much as we've bickered in the past, you're so genuine and have a rly good heart. we don't talk much these days, but hoping that changes when we're both free more ❤️ keep slaying grad school and have an amazing birthday!- holllyy1230

Marwane! We don't know each other super well, but I know we'd be great friends. Party hard my friend. Happy birthday. And live it up. Get as drunk as Christos does, he is making this blog for you in exchange for you doing so!!!🥳 🥳    - tyler93

Marwane ❤️ we have such a funny relationship because I hated you so much when we met, and then we had a moment that bonded us and we've been friends ever since. I love our fake relationship, and our crazy villains arc in survivor. I hope you have an AMAZING birthday and don't get sick from vaping too much ❤️  love you!- cheritaisdelicious

Marwane!! Truly one of my favorite people i've met on this site even if we don't talk much anymore. You rlly are such a caring friend and I don't think everyone gets to see tht side of you, but that's their loss. My only problem with you is that you have soo many personalities, Vape God, Frat Bro, Crazy Gamebot, like pick one damn. Love you tho. But no seriously you are an amazing person and I hope you get everything you want in life, you deserve it. One day soon we'll call and talk about how we're nic addicts and talk about all the crazy shit we've done LOL. Thank you so much for always being there for me king, (except when you didn't have your nic) butttt you are so loyal and I appreciate that so much. Have an amazing birthday <3- zoon


Happy birthday!!
Sent by BrianGonzalez,Nov 7, 2021
Happy Birthday Marwane! I'll never forget when Chris blew my cover and got me nominated for 4th.. i had you right where i wanted you LOL
Sent by MikeRORO,Nov 7, 2021
im DEADD mikeroro you really will never forget
Sent by christossss,Nov 7, 2021
i just vividly remember stumbling over my words and realizing i was blowing my fucking game to someone that wasn't even in the game LMAO. I played a great game and literally lost it because I was over confident that I could sell you both on it christossss D:
Sent by MikeRORO,Nov 7, 2021
Happy birthday marwana
Sent by ricardogv,Nov 7, 2021
Happiest birthday Marwane wish u the best
Sent by brunodrads,Nov 7, 2021
Happy birthday bestie ❤️❤️ - bomberv BITCH I SAID MORE THEN THAT
Sent by bomberv,Nov 7, 2021
Sent by bomberv,Nov 7, 2021
Look up you actual dumb hoe bomberv
Sent by christossss,Nov 7, 2021
Happy bday ye kalb!
Sent by CutieAmy,Nov 7, 2021
That’s a king
Sent by Jessie_,Nov 7, 2021
Happy Birthday king Wane!
Sent by VanitySmurf,Nov 7, 2021
Happy birthday marwane
Sent by broncman789,Nov 7, 2021
marwane I wasn’t asked bc Chris doesn’t like me over a game that he tried to take me out in but Happy Birthday man! I hope it was a great one. I’m so glad we became friends this past year and I’m so glad we went on calls all those times and got to know each other. You’re one of the funniest people and I love your random stories. You’re a true friend and a very loyal one at that. You put so much into your close friendships and it’s so admirable. I hope you got drunk as fuck and smoked as much nicotine as your body would allow :) HBD again
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 7, 2021
Block everyone that is sending long bday wishes now. Like this jabrony ^^.    Have a good one champ
Sent by Tyler93,Nov 7, 2021
omg sorry i haven't been here the last few days but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE GUY MARWANE!!!

while we've always gotten along well, i'm so glad we've been able to become so close over this last year particularly and i can now consider you one of my best friends here. i always love speaking to you as i find you very fun, but also incredibly genuine and honest, and i've always felt very secure and trusting of you. you stand up for what you believe and speak your truth, which makes me respect u a lot. you make me laugh a lot and we definitely need to have a catchup call soon as they're always so fun. whether its your funny frat or vape stories or deeper life catchups, you're always a pleasure to speak to. one thing i rly appreciate about you is how you've always went out of your way to make effort with me and include me in things. things like this don't go unnoticed by me, i am very grateful for them. thanks for being so caring. i hope school is going well for u and i hope you are able to have a great birthday and party hard (i'm sure you will) as you definitely deserve it <3 love you lots
Sent by Darbe,Nov 7, 2021
I couldnt possibly have asked all his friends sjsoccer88
This wasnt personal i asked many other who i dont get along with.
I just asked who i remembered at the time. Sorry lol
Sent by christossss,Nov 7, 2021
Aww this is sweet, thank you so much everyone much love <3
Sent by Marwane,Nov 7, 2021
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Nov 7, 2021
Happy Birthday Marwane legend!
Sent by Jameslu,Nov 7, 2021
Omg happy birthday marwane we love scorpios
Sent by brightongal,Nov 7, 2021
HBD Marwane!
Sent by Hunty,Nov 7, 2021
Happy birthday! Marwane
Sent by Cromatique,Nov 7, 2021
Congrats King 😃😃
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Nov 7, 2021
Happy bdayyy Marwane 💜
Sent by David2560,Nov 8, 2021
Okay I am def one of the ones who forgot but I suck @ checking mails

Love you so much marwane and I’m so glad we reconnected in stars. Literally one of the best most real people on this site and I love you and your realness so much
Sent by hwest14,Nov 8, 2021

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