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8thMay 13, 2017 by christossss
PYN and I will say something I like about you

Rocker917 you always try make the best out of shitty situations and even at your lowest you TRY to be funny ;P

QueenBec you are always #TeamLoyal and you have matured ALOT. im proud

Blahblahblahblah you don't give too much of a shit about this site and the drama which is good and you support your friends even when they are receiving hate

GoodKaren your name is appropriate cause I always see you spreading positivity!

bowkane you are a strategic mastermind but never turn your back on your friends

kaylabby you dont let people get to you and you do you! props

queenisha you are entertaining af and a robbed underdog in my eyes

manniboi i always see you complimenting people and im sure that makes peoples days! also i enjoy your humour

thumper91 UNFORTUNATELY for the haters you are actually inherently extremely nice and kind. I could never :P

brandonpinzu a great gameplayer but also very likeable and friendly so i get the love :P

streamx you also have matured INCREDIBLY and im very proud of you. you still dont take shit from anyone tho ++

druhhbby2 you are #TeamLoyal as fuck and very caring, the mother in you comes off more than you think :P

calebdaboss just read on your profile that you are 13 yet you seem more mature than many of the people here.

littlebrother123 you aren't scared to troll a bit and lighten up the mood, even if you know you'll probably get hate for it

Roshy you refuse to change who you are to be liked and refuse to suck up to people... many on this site should follow that example. also gameplayer af

taybear17 you always seem to have your friends back and you speak your truths

sam_hamwich literally goes out of your way to message me which is adorable and is always EXTREMELY loyal even if my friends always follow me in frooks and i know that must be annoying

KatherinePierce i dont know you but you're so new to this site and you're already rocking that avatar so you must be doing something right!

ashleykarp we played 2 frookies together i think and you were always nice and fun to work with. probably fun to talk to

z3us definitely a fav. you are entertaining af and #TeamLoyal and jsut in general a good friend who always has my back

Meduncan actually has a life outside of tg and you've got a great sense of humour and legendary skype game host ;P haha

notafraid your digs are ON POINT and we went on call once and you seemed chill af. hope you found your stolen xmas gift!

stupendous met you in hunger and you were really nice and loyal. we were robbed kings, its the fighterman curse...

deshonbannedisback im glad we got to talk more in the past few days cause you are a gem of a person and always seem in a good mood. p.s. rip blue hair </3

tpidude73 you do little to debunk asian stereotypes cause you are one smart mofo and in general super entertaining to talk to :P #TeamLoyal all the way

tyler93 idk why you pyned cause im like the nicest to you out of everyone here and you are a true day 1 bro. one of the few people here i would let hang out with me irl ;P hahaha love ya

chillum i dont think i know you but you blogged in favour of muslims and in a site with such trolls i support a new player who isnt afraid to speak his mind!

willie_ a true fucking friend and caring as shitt. always has my back and is shockingly nice in general (gets shit done irl to achieve his goals teslaaa boiii)

gigi10 you join the ranks of tengagers that are probably chill irl and you are good friends with most of my friends so you must not be the worst. hate to say but your humour isnt the worst either


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Quad b
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Yee skip everyone and do me fisrts
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omg me ily
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my dick
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christossss it's emily thorne.
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Gabbie < 3
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Update gimme one before bed
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Boy if it was reversed I don't think I'd be able to think of anything for you :/
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