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Chris' BBAU: Week 7 (Day 46) Final Challenge

Jul 27, 2020 by chris2pei
Colin failed to vote several times and that results his ejection in the game.

ABLaksh decided to used his Veto Necklace for Latisha but she didn't get any votes anyways.

This mean by a 2 votes Nisha, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house. You have one minute to say your goodbyes and leave the house. Thank you so much for joining.


- Beck ( Becksta20)
- Latisha ( latisha0987)
- Anastasia ( C_Shizz96)
- Nisha ( Queenisha)
- ABLaksh ( ABLaksj)

It is time for you last challenge. The winner of this challenge is guaranteed a spot in final 3 and have a sole vote to evict one housemates.

For today's challenge you will be playing BEFORE or AFTER. You will have seven questions and got it right you will got a point. Housemates that got the most right answer wins.

1. Rohan was evicted BEFORE or AFTER Ethan.
2. Mark won The Categories challenge BEFORE or AFTER Jonny was evicted in the house.
3. Jack was first ever nominated BEFORE or AFTER the BB Morph challenge was occurred.
4. Kev was evicted BEFORE or AFTER the late entrants housemates joined in the house.
5. Veto necklace was first time used BEFORE or AFTER The Categories challenge was held.
6. Kandee was evicted BEFORE or AFTER the minority challenge was held.
7. Andrew was forced nominated BEFORE or AFTER Kieran's eviction from the house.
Tie-breaker question: Total of threads in the BBAU Backyard group as of right now?

You have until (MONDAY) 2 PM EST to send this challenge and your sole vote to evict in case you win.

Good Luck!

Latest evictee/ejection:
5th: Nisha Queenisha (2-[0]) Day 45
6th: Colin #ColinCoco Ejected Day 45


best of luck everyone <3 loved playing with yall
Sent by Queenisha,Jul 27, 2020

me @ the blogs getting deleted
Sent by Latisha0987,Jul 27, 2020

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