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  1. Im glad
  2. Chillums survivor Jamaica challenge#6
  4. Stars support :)
  5. anyone got a link to the amazing race
  6. when i was a kid
  7. wildboy in jail right now
  8. I hope theres no more attacks
  9. Damn there was a mass shooting in new..
  10. Survivor needs new locations
  11. night night tengaged
  12. whyd naonka have to quit
  14. pick my deal case
  15. just found out
  16. did you know air is poisonous
  17. <3 Stars Support <3
  18. im obsessed with queen now
  19. imagine how good tengaged would be
  20. So theres this pedophile
  21. is everyone on tengaged gay
  22. finally watched bohemian rhapsody
  23. snap streaks
  24. song for all the tengaged pedos(video)
  25. just sold my ps4
  26. 💜stars support💜
  27. im back from my ban
  28. good night tengaged🖤💜💛💚💙
  29. do you not have to be
  30. im 1'1 feet tall
  31. Good Evening
  32. who remembers
  33. Lmao
  34. i once used
  35. stop trying to become relevant
  36. i hate joining a game
  37. does my new hair
  38. anyone want a gift
  39. tag someone who always says someone died
  40. I'm in the gold coast

Damn there was a mass shooting in new zealand(video)

Mar 15, 2019 by chillum
and the guy live streamed it on facebook this is fucked man. never thought new zealand would be like the usa and have this happen


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