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❤Nommed for 5th place in stars mom❤

6thApr 27, 2018 by chibideidara
Hi Tengaged! It's me Edgar Ponce and i am nominated for 5th in stars. Unfortunately, I couldn't escape the block this time.

This game really has been a rollercoaster, between criss-crossing information with Hash and making sure he stayed in the middle, to ensuring TitoBuritto didn't attack half of the cast and did what i said, and of course making sure Marietori even locked in a nomset for the DC. I played around the social aspect of this game alot, i bonded closer to other people than i did my own core alliance. It helped me make it unnommed to final 5, even when i was clearly a giant threat being countered over and over again. Alongside obviously being the one to tell people what was happening for that DC.

But with that being said i wanna get some things off my chest from the stuff i did do in the game, other than making sets of course. (This is more for the cast but it does explain stuff ive done in the game)

Capguy1 and Liukbb I was the one that brought up both your names in the infamous shady day 1 call. I didn't get blamed for it...Jourdan did, and i also managed to take the target off Jourdan and put it on Joe/Anthousai instead.

I spread the idea around that JSB was Capguy's Sheep and were a final 2 to get them both up for 14th. I found you to be quite threatning back then Keith, i think you're amazing of course.

screamfan0061 No one wanted you gone spencer, everyone wanted to work with you infact including me. You were 1 of like two people that actually talked to Jaylen23 and Tito locked in with you instead of me. During that DC i had brought up the idea to lock in DanielleDonato and Anthousai which knowing tito promted him to try to get people to lock it in immediately. He talked to you and Dane about it. I told Dane it was a weird set after he brought it up to me and agreed with him to leak it to Keith, Which he leaked to Joe (Pretty sure). Tito being the scared mess that he was, threw you under the the bus with screensharing messages of wanting Joe up. We all agreed to nominate you and Jaylen, and you lost trust in Tito which for my game was amazing. The ball for your 3 nominations kind of went rolling from here.

Maturo At this point Spencer was raging at the cast for not coming for you, and i personally thought it was a good time to go for you. So i made a call with JSBreality and told him exactly what we needed to do, and that was to target you. But when it came time to spread that i made sure he took the lead, we added Cfff and Hash to a call where he ''led'' the charge to go after you Keith and krista, where of course we concluded it should be you and krista. (Also to brian i was completely aware that you wanted Jourdan to be countered instead because you wanted to split it between Jourdan and Tito, but i couldn't let that happen just yet)

When it was done and over with i made it seem like i only did it because i wasnt informed about the montana/tito set, and i threw Brian under the bus to nominate him with spencer. However it was leaked to me that Dane had said my name alongside brian so i took the opportunity to target him and JourdanBabyXoXo, two people who i assumed were with joe at the time.

Grats on 10th place Titoburitto.

9th was when people really wanted me up because i was clearly a shady motherfucker. At this point i was convinced that Spencer/Brian/JSB had some type of connection because it seemed like they did not want to nom each other. In the morning after Tito got nominated in a split i talked to Dane_Williams and this conversation was less to get his vote, it was more to get it to flip on him later. I did manage to get him to say that he wanted Jsb and Spencer up. When Jsb had logged on i had exposed this message to him in a quote and he INSTANTLY wanted Dane up with Anthousai. But this is what i wasnt expecting. Spencer had concluded that because JSB didnt want me up, that it was because we were a duO. He had sent messages to Krista and Hash to get me up with him instead. And you already know i took the opportunity. I spoke to the queen Krista and we made a plan to expose Spencer to JSB in order to get him up with Dane instead. You know how that went down. We slayed Krista.

The game kind of just steamrolled from there. While no one wanted Danielledonato up for most of the game, i finally had the votes to get him up alongside brian by his own allies. Hes a king and he knows it but i was threatened by him the whole game, its just all about timing. Love ya Keith.

A blindside and a renom later both which i was apart of, here i am fighting for my life again. Montana and Sandy turned on me so i got nommed by 5 people at final 6, the 1 safety vote being myself. There really wasnt anything i could do at this point. Lets see if it works out for them.

This was more for the cast and not the public but if you read through it you'd know i should stay and i'd like your vote thank you. < 3

and heres a TL:DR

I personally feel like i fucking slayed this game so if ur all about gameplay please vote for me to stay ty yall.

Save me here!


Sent by DanielleDonato,Apr 27, 2018
Chibi you were amazing this game!! We should talk out of this game
Sent by JSBReality,Apr 27, 2018
Sent by anthousai,Apr 27, 2018
Edgar the mastermind
Sent by astone929,Apr 27, 2018
I love you Edgar.
Sent by Hash,Apr 27, 2018
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Apr 27, 2018
That actually wasnt me, maybe it just tied because i have no idea who benefited from that split. Jourdanbabyxoxo
Sent by chibideidara,Apr 27, 2018
ur trash
Sent by MarieTori,Apr 27, 2018
hopefully you'll be my friend if I +/c
Sent by Stary,Apr 27, 2018
Wow now i know how fake you are irl.

I didn’t need to do that to win stars
Sent by capguy1,Apr 27, 2018
I'm not fake Irl. And ik people play stars differently, i felt like for me this is how i needed to play it. I dont hate you i think you are great and its horrible how people treat you but i also thought you were a giant threat for my game. Capguy1
Sent by chibideidara,Apr 27, 2018
Lol i wasn’t even doing anything threatening and i never survive polls. Not a threat. You got people mad at me for nothing. Bad gameplay tbh
Sent by capguy1,Apr 27, 2018
I didn't get people mad at you. All i said was that you and JSB were close and would be voting with each other. People who didn't like you or were mad at you is on a completely different story. I only talked about the game.

And dont discredit your game, you had people with you. Thats why i needed to cut it before it grew or became too late to do it.  Capguy1 Also maybe it's bad gameplay but i think i did pretty good with what i had.
Sent by chibideidara,Apr 27, 2018
I wasn’t close to jsb . We just met. I was more close to hash cuz i talked to him about my health problems. For some reason you pinned me with jsb which i just met this game.
Sent by capguy1,Apr 27, 2018
I understand that, and i did that because i needed people to target you. I know from your perspective it might look otherwise, but i really didn't do it to be mean or anything. I thought you were a threat to me. Maybe not early on, but eventually i wouldn't of been able to get you up.

I also nominated JSBreality and he knows i found a friend in him, hes a really cool guy. I hope in the long run you dont stay mad at me because im really not a mean or fake person, its just stars. I wouldn't do something in a harmful way in a real life situation.  Capguy1
Sent by chibideidara,Apr 27, 2018

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