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I had a professor in college

Dec 4, 2023 by cheritaisdelicious
Who thought I was a brilliant writer. Hope she doesn't know I never ended up going back to school for an MFA in creative writing and just work as a barista 馃挏

Edit: Y'all I'm aware I can go back to school at any age, I just don't think it's necessarily worth all the debt


You still can
Sent by Olympia,Dec 4, 2023
You still can
Sent by Opulence,Dec 4, 2023
Nobody is stopping you from going back to school mom
Sent by Morant,Dec 4, 2023
Olympia Opulence I know but it's different now. I don't know if it's worth having all that debt
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 4, 2023
i mean, whatever makes u happy! but its never too late to make a move imo cheritaisdelicious
Sent by Opulence,Dec 4, 2023

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