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Haunted Mansion Episode 2

Apr 19, 2021 by charrison790564
Kiara_xoxo - Kiara - Lawyer
Colincoco - Dusk - Tired Man
Answerable - Jacob - Sailor
Tommy123 - Crystal - Hacker
ShadSmithGayDemon - Phanto - Pet Demon
candy_land - Tico - Doctor
nateclove - Cal - Dumb One
PennyTrationStan - Park Bom - Smart One
Bjorn - Josh - History Teacher
ShaneDawson12345 - JG - Relaxed One
Family Of The House:
Slice - Pamela(Mom - Computer Person
Mrkk - Gregory(Dad - Trapper
ITZ3THAN - Logan(son - Hunter
cocovanderbilt - Tessa Brooks - Friend Of Logan
TurkeyLover - Emilio - Chef
smallchild99 - Ivan - Maid
Me - Jake(son - Deadly Ghost
-Kiara waking up-
Kiara: That weird where is everybody?
-Kiara see everyone in the dining room-
Jacob: Hi Kiara
Kiara: Why nobody wake me up
Dusk: Cause we lazy
Kiara: Fair Point
Logan: Guys meet mine family
Pamela: Hi
Gregory: Nice to meet you
Tessa: Nice to see y'all
Emilio: I work here
Ivan: I don't get pay
Crystal: Where you son Jake
Pamela: Our son Jake died
Phanto: What you mean?
Logan: She saying that he committed suicide
Park: But why?
Logan: We don't know why
JG: Well I feel sorry for your loss
Pamela: It been 3 months of the passing
Josh: Well can we go outside?
Pamela: Sorry can't somehow the door got lock
Josh: So the door lock?
Pamela: Yes
Tico: Atleast I a doctor so I can help y'all
Pamela: Good to know
Cal: How do you work this phone
Park: Cal stop being dumb
Cal: I not
Park: You are
*Pamela whisper to Josh*
Pamela: Did he hit his head?
Josh: I don't know
Crystal: Let just have fun
Josh: Fine
-Everybody having fun-
Dusk: I so tired
JG: Then go to sleep
Dusk: Well ok
-Dusk go to sleep-
JG: Me and Dusk could be friends
JG: I mean-
Somebody Screaming
Dusk: Ahhh
JG: What was that?
Dusk: I don't know but we should check it out
JG: Ok
-JG and Dusk see Tessa dead-
JG: Omg
Dusk: Let tell the others
-Everybody rush to the kitchen-
JG: she was just laying on the floor
Gregory: This is insane
Crystal: Who would kill Tessa
Cal: Maybe a ghost
Phanto: Don't be dumb ghosts don't exist
Park: Cal could be right
Phanto: And he could be wrong
Park: How about this,We gonna look for ghosts of there ain't none then Phanto right
Phanto: So where we gonna get some gears?
Logan: From the attic
Gregory: We have a attic?
Logan: Yeah
Gregory: Why didn't you tell us
Logan: There a lot you don't know about me
Pamela: Like what?
Logan: I a ghost hunter
-End Credits-
16.Tessa Brooks( cocovanderbilt)


Tessa got dropped (damn
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Apr 19, 2021
Park: Cal stop being dumb
Cal: I not
Park: You are
Sent by nateclove,Apr 19, 2021
Yessss the first death
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Apr 19, 2021

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