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Haunted Mansion Episode 1

Apr 18, 2021 by charrison790564
Kiara_xoxo - Kiara - Lawyer
Colincoco - Dusk - Tired Man
Answerable - Jacob - Sailor
Tommy123 - Crystal - Hacker
ShadSmithGayDemon - Phanto - Pet Demon
candy_land - Tico - Doctor
nateclove - Cal - Dumb One
PennyTrationStan - Park Bom - Smart One
Bjorn - Josh - History Teacher
ShaneDawson12345 - JG - Relaxed One
Family Of The House:
Slice - Pamela(Mom - Computer Person
Mrkk - Gregory(Dad - Trapper
ITZ3THAN - Logan(son - Hunter
cocovanderbilt - Tessa Brooks - Friend Of Logan
TurkeyLover - Emilio - Chef
smallchild99 - Ivan - Maid
Me - Jake(son - Deadly Ghost
-Kiara house-
Kiara: hello their
Dusk: Oh hi
Kiara: So you must be Dusk
Dusk: Yeah I am
Kiara: So nice to meet you
Dusk: You to
Kiara: Anyways where you going?
Dusk: To this haunted mansion
Dusk: You should come
Kiara: Well ok
-Dusk and Kiara walk together-
Jacob: Pack your things
Phanto: Why?
Jacob: We going to this haunted mansion
Phanto: Did we even get invited?
Jacob: No
Phanto: Then why we going?
Jacob: Cause I heard there a ghost living there
Phanto: *Laugh* Ghost don't existed
Jacob: Maybe for you they don't existed
Phanto: I only going with you to prove you wrong
Jacob: Alright then
-Cal scared Park Bom-
Park: Jesus you scared me
Cal: Sorry
Park: You ready to go?
Cal: What about Josh?
Park: He can just walk,it close to his house
Cal: I will text Josh and tell him
Park: Ok
Cal: How to use a phone again
Park: What you mean?
Cal: I forgot how to use a phone
Park: I will just call him
Cal: Ok
-Crystal hack the invitation-
Crystal: Alright I going to the haunted mansion
Crystal: I can hack the people phones and games and it gonna be funny
Crystal Mom: What you doing in the basement
Crystal: Mom you interrupting something
Crystal Mom: Oh sorry Crystal
Crystal Mom: How you been since the breakup
Crystal: Mom can you just leave
Crystal Mom: Ok then,make sure to feed you sister before you leave
Crystal: She can feed herself
Crystal Mom: I won't let you go
Crystal: Ugh fine
-Josh walking-
Josh: They could have just gave me a ride
Josh: But no,they wanna be selfish
Josh: This why Cal should be single
Josh: Park a bitch
-Josh see everyone-
Josh: Why is everybody standing here
Tico: Cause the door locked
JG: I don't know about y'all,but I see a basement right there
Kiara: Should we go in?
JG: Ladies go first
Kiara: Why?
JG: That the rules
Kiara: Fuck the rules,we all going together
-Everybody goes in-
Jacob: It so dark in here
-Tico turn on the lights-
Jacob: Oh thank Tico
Tico: No problem
Josh: I heard that a ghost live here
Phanto: Stop it there no ghost here
Jacob: I mean you never know
Phanto: Let just keep looking for a way out of the basement
-Crystal hacking-
Park: What are you doing?
Crystal: Trying to hack this mansion
Park: You know there no wifi
Crystal: How nobody tell me
Cal: Cause we was looking for clues
Crystal: No what
Crystal: I don't care no more
Crystal: I work hard to get here
Crystal: I gonna look-
-Crystal open a door-
Dusk: ?
Logan: Oh y'all came
Tico: Yeah from your basement
Logan: Sorry about that
JG: Where are we?
Logan: Oh y'all in the living room
JG: Oh I can relaxed then
Dusk: And I can sleep
Logan: Well it is getting late
Logan: Get some rest and in the morning y'all gonna meet the whole family
Josh: Ok then
Park: See y'all in the morning
-Jake Spying-
-Jake Turn Into A Ghost-
Jake: Only One Shall Survive *Smiles*
-End Credits-
To Be In tomorrow episode
manafa - Wilson - Student
Kindred7 - Kinny - Marine Soldier


Omg I missed this!
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 18, 2021
Kindred7 you can join today the last day to join
Sent by charrison790564,Apr 18, 2021
Kiara: Fuck the rules,we all going together
Sent by ColinCoco,Apr 18, 2021
Yay please sign me up :) I can be Kinny
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 18, 2021
Kindred7 what you want you role to be
Sent by charrison790564,Apr 18, 2021
-Cal scared Park Bom-
Park: Jesus you scared me
Cal: Sorry
Sent by nateclove,Apr 18, 2021
Josh: Park a bitch
Sent by PennyTrationStan,Apr 18, 2021
Jacob: It so dark in here
-Tico turn on the lights-
Jacob: Oh thank Tico

Thanks Tico
Sent by Answerable,Apr 18, 2021
Phanto: I only going with you to prove you wrong
Sent by ShadSmithGayDemon,Apr 18, 2021
I love how the doors was locked and we was like eff it let鈥檚 head to the basement 馃槀
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Apr 18, 2021

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