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Total Drama Summer Episode 2

Mar 6, 2021 by charrison790564
#casting #totaldrama
Screaming Springs:
Heather( cocovanderbilt)
Seirra( SugarFall)
Alejandro( ShadSmithGayDemon)
Cody( AntonB)
Geoff( Colincoco)
DJ( heyitsme06)
Courtney( Kiara_xoxo)
Trent( BBHoward33)
Bridgette( marybay)
Gwen( TurkeyLover)
Harold( Gethann)
Killer Winters:
Lindsay( smallchild99)
Noah( killenit
Leshawana( mrkk)
Justin( Kmartt)
Eva( soyag)
Duncan( MileyRayCyrus)
Owen( Dsgamer124)
Izzy( Slice)
Ezekiel( survivornerd)
Tyler( punkhockey)
-During The Day-
Tyler: Ugh morning
Duncan: I wasn't even finish beating up Noah
Noah: Shut up duncan
Duncan: No
Tyler: can we just get along
Tyler: I the only one on this team who didn't even make it to merge
Duncan: that on you
Tyler: Ugh
Owen: What fighting about
Noah: Nothing
Justin: I have a nice rest
Justin Confession: Another Day is a day to make a alliance and try to get to the final I just gotta get duncan out
Duncan Confession: The Boys are useless
Owen Confession: I happy we getting along
Izzy: What going on?
Eva: Heather sold all of the girls stuff from our cabin
Izzy: But how
Eva: Cause Lindsay didn't lock the door
Lindsay: Wait there a door?
Eva: Omg I gonna kill her
Izzy: Leave her alone
Eva: Fine
Leshawana: The Sooner we win The Sooner Heather will be gone
Eva: I hope you right
Leshawana: I Always right
Ezekiel Confession: I got away from the boys to relax
Ezekiel Confession: I Hope the boys can settle everything out
Ezekiel: Nothing can go wrong right?
Heather: Gwen can you shut up
Gwen: No Stealing is wrong
Heather: It not wrong
Gwen: It is
Heather: Whatever stop being mad
Courtney Confession: This could be the last time me and trent be on Total Drama Together so I gotta make it count
Bridgette: Who toothbrush is this
Seirra: It Cody Toothbrush
Gwen: Listen Seirra Cody is mine boyfriend and you can't have him
Seirra: I will
Gwen Confession: I rather have katie and Sadie on this show than Seirra
Seirra Confession: I will have to vote Gwen off for cody to be mine
Courtney: Girls can't y'all be shut up
Bridgette: What you texting your boyfriend trent?
Courtney: Trent is not mine boyfriend we just friends I mean enemy
Bridgette: Whatever
Bridgette Confession: The totally dating
Trent: Hey dude
Alejandro: Oh hello
Trent: Ready To Win Again
Alejandro: Yes
Trent: Ok
Harold: I can help out team
Alejandro: Nah you can't you weak
Harold: I can and I will prove it this challenge
Alejandro: Keep Dreaming Weirdo
Harold: Ugh I not a weirdo
Alejandro: You are to me and trent
Harold: I leaving
Trent: Alright bye then
Cody: Seirra freak me out
DJ: why that?
Cody: She always stalk me and Gwen
DJ: Listen try to get away from her
Cody: I will try
DJ: Good
Geoff: You can't always escape
DJ: what you mean Geoff?
Geoff: I mean that Cody might be raped by Seirra
DJ: Yeah that what happen
Cody: It happen before
DJ: Oh really
Cody: Yeah
DJ: Well Me and Geoff here for you
Cody: Thank Guys
Chef: Wake Up Dumb Campers
Chris: Chill Chef
Chef: No I hate this job
Chris: We know
-Chef Groans-
Welcome To Bake or Kill
And Go
Cody Out
Gwen Out
Trent Out
Gwen Out
Alejandro out
Harold Out
Courtney Out
Noah Out
Heather Out
Lindsay Out
Eva Out
Owen Out
Tyler Out
Duncan Out
Ezekiel Out
Trent Out
Eva Out
Seirra Out
Justin Out
Leshawana Out
And The Screaming Springs Wins
Welcome To Tribal Council
The First Marshallow Goes To....
Final Marshallow Goes To......
Eva: What?
Heather: Haha Loser
Eva: It was all you
Heather: Goodbye Eva
Eva: I Hate you
Heather: Haha
-End Credits-
22.Beth( Sean13)
21.Eva( soyag)


Bridgette: Who toothbrush is this
Seirra: It Cody Toothbrush
Gwen: Listen Seirra Cody is mine boyfriend and you can't have him

this is art
Sent by Galaxies,Mar 6, 2021
Galaxies thank for liking it
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struts in.
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Gwen gotta go lol
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