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Total Drama Murders Episode 3

Oct 20, 2020 by charrison790564
#casting #totaldrama
Justin( Kmartt)
Owen( Dsgamer124)
Dj( heyitsme06)
Seirra( SugarFall
Sadie( strawberryblood)
Katie( littleangel)
Bridgette( marybay)
Ezekiel( survivornerd)
Tyler( punkhockey)
Alejandro( ShadSmithGayDemon
Beth( Sean13)
Harold( trolllol
Geoff( ColinCoco)
Heather( CocoVanderbilt)
Gwen( Turkeylover)
Lindsay( smallchild99)
Leshawna( mrkk)
Cody( AntonB)
Izzy( Slice)
Eva( soyag)
Noah( Killenit)
Opening Song:
Katie: Sadie where you at?
Leshawana: she must have gone missing
Katie: oh no
Leshawana: let find her
Katie: ok
-Leshawana and Katie find Sadie dead body-
Katie: omg Sadie got shot
Leshawana: only person with a gun was Heather
Katie: where is Heather
Leshawana: I don't know
-Heather Ezekiel and Owen-
Heather: where are we
Owen: yeah we pretty far from the island
Ezekiel: not mine fault y'all wanna be far from the island
Owen: is that Katie and Leshawana
Leshawana: Heather gonna kill y'all
Katie: they can't hear us
Leshawana: let tell the others to find a boat
Katie: ok let spilt up
-bridgette find the killer-
Bridgette: what you doing the others said to go to the ocean
???: I here to kill you
Bridgette: what
-bridgette run but trip-
???: You betray me
Bridgette: but but
???: You shall died
-??? Drown Bridgette in the ofean-
-the others-
Sierra: Noah where was you
Noah: I was looking for some wood
Leshawana: wait guys where Bridgette
-bridgette on walkie talkie-
Bridgette: I not gonna make it out alive but the killer is-
-bridgette died underwater-
Dj: nooooooo Bridgette
Cody: we gotta keep moving
Lindsay: dj it gonna be ok when we kill the murder she will be back and the murder will turn back to normal
Dj: well thank Lindsay
Alejandro: guys the ship is completed
-everybody get on-
Cody: ok who wanna drive
Alejandro: well Courtney was the only one to drive
Cody: how about you drive alejandro
Alejandro: well fine
-alejandro drive the ship-
-Ezekiel Owen and Heather see a shark-
Heather: ahhhhhh a shark
Ezekiel: they gotta hurry
Owen: I don't wanna die
Heather: it gotta be ok
Owen: Ezekiel hurry and drive quick
Ezekiel: fine
-Ezekiel drive fast-
-the others-
Leshawana: why is Ezekiel driving the boat
Dj: Heather must be telling Ezekiel to drive the boat
Justin: do you hear something
-the ship start sinking-
Harold: let go to the emergency boat
-justin fall-
Dj: noooo Justin
Katie: somebody save Justin quick
-justin fall to the bottom of the ship-
-Leshawana Dj Katie Cody Seirra and Harold goes to save him-
Harold: I see something
Leshawana: Is that what I think it is
Dj: It is
Cody: let see if Justin in here
Sierra: ok
Katie: for Bridgette and Sadie
-End of Episode 3-
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Comment Below what you think Katie Leshawana Harold Dj and Cody Saw
Comment Below if Justin still alive
End Credits song:
Here The Deaths:
26.Chris( charrison790564 - Cause of death: Body Got Chop
25.Trent( BBHoward33 - Cause of Death: Body got lit on fire
24.Courtney( Kiara_xoxo - Cause of Death: Got Stabbed in the heart
23.Duncan( MileyRayCyrus - Cause of Death: Poison
22.Sadie( strawberryblood - Cause of Death:
Got Shot
21.Bridgette( marybay - Cause of Death:

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