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  1. Anyone know if a hot bath helps headaches
  2. Just a lil irl drama for yall
  3. Fun fact #4
  4. Fun fact #3
  5. Fun fact number 2
  6. Fun fact
  7. Genuinley tho if I go to jail tomorrow
  8. Man I could do with a pal to fully vent to rn
  9. Torch bat na na na na na
  10. You don't know your true psycho level
  11. Lord have mercy
  12. Twd the caves survivor confirmed
  13. Opinions on new hair?
  14. The thing I love most about winners at war
  15. So I've played one stars in my life
  16. Just because yalls fave went out
  17. The toilet is so far away but at the same time
  18. Let's see what all of tg thinks of this dress
  19. I think I just nearly died
  20. Anyone want to pay for my nose job?
  21. Tryna be on this spreading positivity shit
  22. Am I reading this right
  23. Hey guys can I get some opinions
  24. I got 7 kills in 2 mins
  25. Opinions? Suggestions for improvement
  26. Makes my day when I see
  27. Green male hair
  28. First design I've made since 2013
  29. Somewhat addicted to
  30. For someone who woke up at 4 am
  31. Found out a irl "friends" been chatting..
  32. I have the worst tooth ache rn
  33. For those who remember nicky
  34. OK anyone help here
  35. It's 8:15 am
  36. What in the world is happening on here now
  37. So some little scrote is lying about my friend
  38. Wwe signed the rocks daughter
  39. It took a top blog for me to notice
  40. So it looks like yandy

Cute family pic or nagh

Sep 11, 2019 by captainzacsparrow
image(Pic)  yuki has become our lil best pal already


cute, love the hair colors!
Sent by TaraG,Sep 11, 2019

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