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  1. When a fb friend posts about
  2. When you thought someone was leaving
  3. I meed a frat but no one wants my ass
  4. Asif i got called weird
  5. Why am i always so tired ?
  6. With 5 days notice
  7. Genuinley in a great mood
  8. Having lots of friends
  9. The sites so quite lately
  10. Got the shirt gifted to me today
  11. That versace shirt is looking like a mighty fine
  12. Genuinley once my outlook changed
  13. Wait fuck the selfie and vanity
  14. My hair faded from green n purple to just blue
  15. Adding a fur baby to our family in 5 weeks ish
  16. My hairs gonna fall out if i carry on
  17. I passed out the other day
  18. Kinda fucking love this filter
  19. So the past year i went from 21 stone (294 pounds)
  20. Something ive learned very recently
  21. Green has taken over as my new favorite
  22. We're a colourful duo
  23. Can i hibernate for like 3 weeks please
  24. My hair looks like an actual bush
  25. Yo my hairs touching my back for the first time..
  26. Oh yeah also my whole town was nearly wiped out..
  27. Been like 3 days
  28. Is big brother 21 still allowing racism
  29. R.i.p bianca devins
  30. Always look like atleast 5 years younger
  31. Climbed my first mountain yesterday
  32. I barely post about tv shows anymore
  33. Bed time crystal spliff
  34. Jehuses christ im sorry christians r us
  35. Time to get high as fuck
  36. Goth zach grew up 🤣😩
  37. High af send help
  38. When even your boyfriend start being an asshole
  39. I feel awful
  40. We dressing up for a change

Got the shirt gifted to me today

Aug 14, 2019 by captainzacsparrow
By spikedcurley and now first HoH in a Hoh charity 😮 idk what good karma is coming my way atm but i needed it ❤


1st hoh too. 🍀
Sent by TaraG,Aug 14, 2019

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