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  1. Ayo why did I even grow my hair out
  2. Reached a point in life
  3. My friend for you everyone
  4. Wanted to gift someone the hair
  5. Here I sit broken hearted
  6. Actually the best bed pic
  7. Literally none of the survivor pages
  8. Darkened my hair up
  9. I'll stop dyeing my hair one day
  10. Have a selfie
  11. He really is my best friend
  12. First hair cut in 2 years
  13. Have I introduced yall to smokey Joe yet?
  14. New phone who dis
  15. Yo working at a well established restuarant
  16. I really cba walking to work
  17. Hi yes i fell and headbutted a wall before
  18. Honestly had a fabulous day
  19. Purple nurple
  20. New job who dis
  21. Just won my first game of fortnite solos
  22. Happy 30th bday
  23. Aye I start my new job on thursday ^_^
  24. Tried another look today
  25. Still practicing drag
  26. R.i.p little luna bug
  27. Tengaged is turning into dance moms
  28. I keep tripping out
  29. I thoroughly just cannot
  30. I feel sick knowing a certain someone
  31. Genuinley starting to love life
  32. Abrogated
  33. I really think certain people on here
  34. The glitter was a flop
  35. 4 hours 45 mins till drag race uk
  36. First attempt at a full drag face
  37. I now have a little makeup collection
  38. I have a face mask on for the first time
  39. Ok i evened them out :')
  40. Left or right?

Got the shirt gifted to me today

Aug 14, 2019 by captainzacsparrow
By spikedcurley and now first HoH in a Hoh charity 😮 idk what good karma is coming my way atm but i needed it ❤


1st hoh too. 🍀
Sent by TaraG,Aug 14, 2019

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