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Why do I even try 馃馃馃馃槫馃槫馃ぇ馃ぇ馃槥馃槥馃槶馃槶

Jan 13, 2018 by camell22
imageEverytime I do a challenge on castings I get a score, but everytime on survivor I do the the challenge that I'm supposed to do and get a good score , but glitches to 0. I'm like wtf randomize you better fix this because everytime that happens I'll be the one ended up getting the boot because the challenge wants to act up on me. 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶


This happens to me on mobile..
Sent by Jouix,Jan 13, 2018
I hate when that happens
Sent by scooby0000,Jan 13, 2018
Are you doing it mobile/ have a lot of windows opened?
Sent by woeisme,Jan 13, 2018
Yes, but when I do have some windows opened it would still save correctly.
Sent by camell22,Jan 13, 2018

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