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  1. im sorry i need to vent im crying so hard
  2. sharingan eyes
  3. i want a crown
  4. i hate this
  5. i think its the pills
  6. k now i want a crown all my friends have one :(
  7. i posted em again get em while you can plusss..
  8. i miss
  9. hey xD
  10. skype
  11. pleaseee
  12. i need new eyes or mouth
  13. okay okay
  14. why open up at all
  15. youuu
  16. sick of getting treated like trash
  17. how the hell
  18. welp i mightve made a big mistake
  19. i dont share anything with nobody
  20. you ever just lay there
  21. Guess whose Gorgeous,
  22. i really need new eyes tho
  23. *dances*
  24. nudges on the stoner eyes
  25. xDDDDD
  26. them stoner eyes look real tight
  27. Me on a shirt xD
  28. my little brother just came downstairs
  29. whatevaa xD
  30. i am zeus!
  31. Weekly plans
  32. ive never actually liked someone on this site
  34. accents make me melt tbh
  35. anyone on here play xbox?
  36. what happened to this being a fun
  37. i slept great
  38. sponser me?
  39. :) Cuz i'm happy
  40. woooow

im crying so much right now

1stMar 15, 2019 by bryce
imagethank you so much for your kind words everyone and im always down to meet new people and chat just like i've always been since 2010 on here. I barely talked to some of you and everyone still remembers me and is more supportive then everyone in real life is being right now is really helping. thank you so much for the love and ill give updates on whats going on for you guys. I'm sorry for getting upset but all this is kind of hard to handle, im a musician and im gonna lose my hearing?? what?? like that alone kills me. i love my music. and noone seems to want to hangout or talk to me anymore and it kills me seeing everyone drift away and i was such a outgoing fit person this is so rough:'( but im gonna try keeping on keeping on its so fucking hard tho guys im only 21 and noone in my mfamily has this so called herditary disease. ive been nothing but kind to everyone in life and this is what karma gives you :) sorry guys rough day. thanks for the love <3


youre still looking good sister good luck <3
Sent by Eilish,Mar 15, 2019
Sent by boicam77,Mar 15, 2019
u can make it through it<3 keep your head up baby.
Sent by Babeeeidah,Mar 15, 2019
wishing you the best <3
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Mar 15, 2019
So sorry you're going through this. 馃槚

I had a cataract at 25 - it's something you get in your 60s, weird is your 40s, getting a cataract at 25 is crazy.
Getting it early is either diabetes related (tested and all clear) or inherited (no one in my family has had early cataracts)
They ever got to a conclusion, doctor just decided,
"It happened and you'll probably get it in your right eye too in 5 years time"
This is a whole different scale though, I just have an artificial lense in my left eye now, and the worst that could have happened was permanent blindness.

Genetics are weird though. So it could be anything, such as your parents were both carriers of the disease and you got the unlucky 1/4 chance of having the disease with carrier parents. I hope you get through this and you get a thorough understanding of how this happened, Bryce.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 16, 2019
</3 im here for u 2. Even if we don't know each other, u have me on ur side :)
Sent by Ari_,Mar 16, 2019
Sent by BrunoMiguel,Mar 16, 2019

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