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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

[MOD] Recorded Audio Q&A

2ndApr 26, 2021 by brandonpinzu
Hi Tengaged!

A few days ago, we blogged asking for questions in order to record a Q&A with the moderation team. CheapCheep, koolness234 & I did this in order to give the opportunity for the Tengaged public to ask us specifically about some of the decisions that we had made over the last little bit and to inquire about future directions of the website. Sorry for the delay in posting this, but it is finally ready and can be found below.

DISCLAIMER: This was recorded on the evening of April 24th, meaning that it happened PRIOR to the decisions to ban Akeria/Aquamarine from the website. For any discussion of that in particular, please refer to the blog that CheapCheep had posted yesterday.

The video is posted below. You will also find specific time stamps of each question at the bottom of the blog. Please note that we did not answer all of the questions that were posted in the blog for the sake of time. We stuck (mostly) specifically to moderation-related questions and questions about the direction of the website, meaning we skipped questions that solely asked for opinions or something along that nature. Sorry if your question had been skipped, but feel free to reach out if you have a burning question you'd like answered.


00:00 – 01:15 - Introduction
01:15 - 08:13 - The vague nature of the Terms of Service
08:20 - 23:40 - #Obey_Me and the Contacting of Loved Ones Outside of Tengaged (READ ABOVE DISCLAIMER)
23:40 - 32:24 - Blacklisting of #PrincessaPeach and Our Rationale
32:24 - 38:35 - etaco75's question about the baseline for racism being the N-word/slurs.
38:35 - 49:50 - The function of the Tengaged Advisory Council
49:50 - 59:20 - TAC Discussions: Harassment Bans, Explicit sexual content, Design rules
59:20 - 1:02:57 - Mrkk's question on the user Sarah48 not receiving a ban.
1:03:37 - EmzThorne's question about gifting shops/shops revert
1:12:27 - EmzThorne's question about having an updated rules list
1:12:57 - Colehausman271 – Updates to Frookies (HOH breaking ties, day one deal POV, playing out the final 4).
1:14:45 - Yawnha – The games rotation.
1:18:25 - 3pi14159 – PFL + has it improved frookies?
1:24:14 - Christian_ - Updating the Tengaged Council more often.
1:26:38 - MmabatlokoaMolefe – Return of the Tengaged Court
1:30:39 - Etaco75 – Making of a T_Mod account/do mod points still exist
1:35:20 - Times_Places – Spreading of misinformation.
1:36:55 - Austino15fffan – The hacking of accounts.
1:40:19 – Kelly0412
1:41:12 - Cbasscordero – Changing of usernames
1:43:05 - Kiara_xoxo – Increasing bans
1:43:50 - Kindred7 – Tagging limits
1:45:25 - David2560 - Brazilian/Spanish Representation on the TAC.


Sent by WillyEx,Apr 26, 2021
the profile pics.......
Sent by SharonMaItems,Apr 26, 2021
Sent by Carfz,Apr 26, 2021
1:40:19 – Kelly0412
Sent by etaco75,Apr 26, 2021
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Apr 26, 2021
just listened good stuff
Sent by Galaxies,Apr 26, 2021
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Sent by s73100,Apr 26, 2021
i do have to neg, where are sandys and I payments from out court cases
Sent by sosyomomma,Apr 26, 2021
Lmao I can’t wait to listen to this... thank you
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 26, 2021
Not listening since I’m not talked about
Sent by unkown,Apr 26, 2021
Sent by EmmaM,Apr 26, 2021
Sent by Russell11,Apr 26, 2021
Thank you for your service
Sent by mikec51,Apr 26, 2021
I deserved a shoutout
Sent by smi9127,Apr 26, 2021
I watched the part I was tagged in and the princessa peach part and I'm really satisfied with how you guys addressed it. I definitely see the viewpoint of the mod panel here and I think koolness234 rly put it in perspective that the bar for banning racism on tengaged would be super low, even tho I still stand by the fact that supporting a racist killer is a RACIST opinion regardless of it being an opinion or  how many people hold that opinion. Thanks for covering this :)
Sent by peace123,Apr 26, 2021
I love how open y’all are! Enjoyed listening to the different perspectives.
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Apr 26, 2021
delete this
Sent by BbDamian,Apr 26, 2021
thanks for answering my question! it makes a lot of sense ty for doing this
Sent by etaco75,Apr 26, 2021
thanks for the answer!
Sent by Times_Places,Apr 26, 2021
I hope my question gets answered soon 🤞🤞
Sent by tswiftlover13,Apr 26, 2021
OMG it would be fun if you did the PFL for fastings instead of frookies koolness234
Sent by JustMe,Apr 26, 2021
-12 for not answering my question and for brandonpinzu for telling me he'd delete all my undeletable blogs if i mail'd him them only for him to never follow through when I immediately mail'd him...
Sent by NicoleF,Apr 26, 2021
brandonpinzu cheapcheep koolness234
I just listened to most of the points debated and I do think as of right now the .br/.es representation is something these communities need to feel safer, as their fights can get really heavy and strong words are used but it's hard for an english speaker to judge on that, let alone other infractions

Thank you so much for providing answers to our community!
Sent by Hunty,Apr 26, 2021
Can you guys get me to negative a million mod points brandonpinzu koolness234 cheapcheep that sounds fun
Sent by JustMe,Apr 26, 2021
Where’s my time stamp brandonpinzu
Sent by AmandaBynes,Apr 26, 2021
Tragically boring.
Sent by A_La_Fac,Apr 26, 2021
my fav mod team <3
Sent by PureEssence,Apr 26, 2021
u didnt answer my question about jaxon being a big dog wtf
Sent by rowjone,Apr 27, 2021
rowjone it hurts to see that..
Sent by Jaxon,Apr 27, 2021
so when imma be added too panel?
Sent by BBlover96,Apr 27, 2021
LOL :( it’s ok crazy people will tag you 40 times anyway <3
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 27, 2021
Love this good job mods
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 27, 2021

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