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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

[MOD] Special Frookies

3rdMar 21, 2021 by brandonpinzu
Hi Tengaged!

EDIT: These games have already enrolled.

The next 2 frookies games on the rotation to enroll will be special.

The FIRST frookies to fill will be duel frookies. The second frookies to enroll will be a banned frookies. The fastings that enrolls in between the two games will NOT be special.

Here are the rules for the two games:

                                                SPECIAL FROOKIES #1: DUEL FROOKS

Maybe since the real duel isn't around... this is as close as we can get? <3

-- Whoever wins HoH will choose one person to be safe.
-- That person then chooses another player they want to keep safe, who chooses another player, and so on and so forth until there is only one person who is not safe. That person will be one of the nominees for that round.
-- If the POV if used on either nominee, the remaining nominee will choose who the replacement will be.
-- All choices will be made publicly in the game chat.
-- The player who the HoH chooses to be safe is immune for the entire round. This includes at the final 5, so make veto decisions accordingly.
-- You can vote to evict whoever you want.

If there are any questions throughout, let me know, and I will answer them right away. If you break any of the rules, you suck, and you can't earn extra payouts.

The payouts will be as follows:

1st place: An additional 60T$.
2nd place: An additional 45T$.
3rd place: An additional 35T$
4th place: An additional 30T$.
5th: An additional 20T$.
6th: An additional 10T$.

                                               SPECIAL FROOKIES #2: BANNED FROOKS

-- The game will enroll. Once an HoH is decided, everybody will be banned. The HoH is not to nominate. If they do, I will literally make sure they get 12th.
-- Everything will be algo decided, so obviously, this game will take a while. You don't have to stick around, though.
-- Once a player is evicted, they will be unbanned. The jury will vote as normal.
-- DISCLAIMER: Anything that happens because of your ban is not my problem (i.e., potential removal from your frat). Take this into consideration before enrolling.

Read that last part again cause I'm for reals.

The payouts will be as follows:

1st place: An additional 30T$.
2nd place: An additional 25T$.
3rd place: An additional 20T$
4th place: An additional 15T$.
5th: An additional 10T$.

The final 2 will also get Stars tickets for the Stars game that is enrolling on Saturday. Doing this for the banned frooks to give newer players a chance to play Stars if they're lucky!


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What about poor girl frooks
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Banned frookies yesss
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