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5thMay 28, 2017 by brandonpinzu
For an honest opinion! If I don't know you, don't expect much lmao. I'm sure I'll struggle to update this

#brookie_cookie - You're fucking hilarious and you've always been somebody I've really enjoyed on this website despite us never being super super close! I feel like we've always gotten along quite well and can u tell beautifulbones to come on Tengaged thx

#XxLoveWakizaxX - One of my favorite Stars allies! You and I worked really well together and I feel like since that game I have always really liked you. I can't remember much about what our friendship was like beforehand but I've liked you since! Despite us not really talking, I think that you're great and a super good gameplayer!

#DumbGinger - I don't think we've ever spoken personally but I always read your blogs about Survivor since we generally hold the same opinions about shit on there and it's nice to see since Tengaged usually just stans the random overrated females!

#dogcalledzak - I don't know anything about you. Sorry :/

#pizzawithcookirs - We just recently got to know each other and I really like you! That frookies we just played was pretty fun and good luck in the finals! Not sure how it's going to go down but either way it was fun. I feel like you and I could be quite close friends if we both put in the effort to chat more :)

#Teddybear - I've always liked you despite you having drama with some of my friends (mainly just Kentuckyy LOL) and I think you're a super chill person. I loved playing Survivor with you for so long and I feel like despite us never being super close, we've always generally been friends :) ily <3

#Joseline - Queeeeen. Somebody I've always wanted to get to know more tbh. You seem hilarious and I've really enjoyed the few convos that we have had! Love ya girly! <3

#semajdude - TBH, I've always liked you. Sometimes I never know what your true opinion is on me but whatever LMAO. We used to be pretty close friends tho!

#greenranger8 - I've never spoken to you before, but we're in TTBB together!

#Streamx - We've never been super close but you've always been somebody I've liked when we've played games together and shit so I'm sure we could be close if we tried!

#PMMGuy - Added you back! I see you around the blogs page all the time and I believe we've chatted a few times. You joined my frat so that's pretty cool too, thanks for joining! Maybe we can chat some more :)

#RoseMaria - I've always generally liked you, despite the fact that you seem to have an issue with me from time to time, but I don't particularly care much about that. You're pretty funny and easy to get along with if people give you the chance!

#MilkIsGood - You're super easy to get along with although we've never been super close. We have a ton of mutual friends and I feel like we could be super close if we tried. Sorry for ruining Tengaged tho :/

#BB5Lover - One of my former duos on here, kinda! Me, you, Riddy and fink used to slay games on here and on .br and shit, and I miss those days! They were a lot of fun. We've played Stars together once or twice but our views sometimes conflicted. It'd be interesting to see us play a game like Stars again together and see how it ended up! I've always liked you as a person and appreciated your humour.

#DakotaCoons - You're one of the more active people in Pinzu's Angels and I can totally appreciate that. You are super nice and although we don't talk A LOT, I consider you a friend on here! <3

#Thumper91 - Although you are told this literally every single day, you are one of the nicest people on here. I don't think I have ever seen you say a bad thing about somebody, and if you have, then it was probably super justified. I enjoy you a lot as a person and enjoy the chats we have. I consider you a friend on here and hope to one day be closer with you!

#Imthtawesom - My former BFF <3 Aside from the time I hated you for stupid ass reasons, I've liked you a lot on here. You're hilarious and somebody who is super easy to get along with. We used to call on Skype and shit all the time and I miss those days! We rarely speak now and that sucks but you'll always be one of the ones on here who has had the biggest impact on me.

#meduncan - One of the people who I have known the longest on here. We've never been SUPER close friends but have always generally been acquainted with each other. We have a snap streak now though so maybe we'll get closer xoxo. I miss the old days of playing Skype games with the OLD OLD crew! That was funnnn <3

#Roshy - I don't know very much about you and I apologize if I am forgetting something but you seem pretty cool all together!

#lemonface - I remember a LONGGG ass time ago we had beef for some fucking reason but tbh I have had beef with a lot of people on here LMAO. But despite us no longer being close, you've always been one of my fav people on here. You're hilarious and a girl who has no issue telling a bitch what she thinks and I respect that so much about you! Love you wife <3

#Galaxies - You and I just recently started being friends, but I really enjoy you! At one point I feel like I thought you were annoying but my opinion on you was clearly unjustified and something that I just had because other people had. I really enjoy you as a person and enjoy having chats about Survivor and shit with you in the Millz! xoxo <3

#ClassiCaz5 - You are somebody I think that I could be super close with if given the opportunity. We rarely talk but we're in Turney's Big Brother together so perhaps that can change despite me slight inactivity in the game! You seem pretty nice overall and I'm pretty sure Jake thinks fairly highly of you so that would mean I probably would too :)

#GoodKaren - I don't know ALL that much about you, but I have seen you around quite a bit and I believe you and I have chatted a few times!

#koolness234 - One of my OLDEST friends on here. I've always, always liked you and found you hilarious. From the Super 11 when we'd play Frookies together and you'd make me laugh while playing Endurance on call so I'd miss mazes, to the OC where we'd stay up all night playing league and slaying bitches, to now where we just generally talk in games and shit, I have always enjoyed you as a person. You were one of the first people that I considered a close friend on here. I truly miss the old times when me, you, Sean, Derek, etc. were all close!

#etaco75 - I think you're pretty cool although I don't think we've really had that many conversations. From the blogs page, it seems like you don't take Tengaged all that seriously and that is something I respect since there are too many people on here who take it overboard when the site has absolutely no ramifications in real life!

#AllieBoBallie - Somebody who I just recently got pretty close with. It feels like we haven't spoken in a bit since I have been pretty busy with work over the past couple of days but I feel like this summer we will continue to get close. I really like it when the CYA calls end up being like me, you, Turney, Steve, Jake and Vishaala because we are all mostly mature and are capable of having a decent conversation without screaming over one another! I love you although sometimes I feel like you get annoyed with me. I respect you so much for many reasons, especially since I feel like you'd do anything for a close friend. Love you bitch!

#shyannemystik - I think you're super funny tbh, you are the type of person I'd feel like I would get along with so much. I wish we were closer because I've enjoyed the calls that we have been on together and we have a few mutual friends too. Let's get close this summer xoxo

#Funnehliner - Somebody I've known for quite a long time, back from Habbo! Good luck in T-Brother or w/e although I don't pay attention much, I think you're still in. I've always liked you and see you around a lot but we haven't talked in literally foreverrrrrr :P

#s73100 - I randomly gave you an idol in that group game LOL, how did you end up doing in that? You're also in Pinzu's Angels and we've chatted a bit since then! You're super nice and we should def chat more :)

#LittleBrother123 - Despite Tengaged thinking you're a troll, I think you're pretty nice, at least to me. We had a #BROMANCE for a little bit until you ended it. :( You're a lawyer and that's my dream career so that's pretty cool too <3

#Lemjam6 - You are one of my absolute best friends on here. I adore you so much and I am so glad that this website allowed me to meet you. You're one of those people that I have so much respect for and who I just get happy talking to. I know sometimes we don't talk all that much but I will always consider you to be one of my best friends on here, and I am here for you for absolutely anything. I know that I can confide in you with just about anything and that is so reassuring to have especially on a website like this. Thanks for everything you have done for me and I love you to death <3

#kindlycruel1 - We've played a Stars or two together, and have very similar interests so that's cool. :) I consider you a friend on here although we never speak! I think we'd be really close if we gave it a shot! SCANDAL <3333

#survivorworld33 - I know of you from games but I don't know much about you PERSONALLY. I have a pretty shit memory though so sorry if I am forgetting stuff!

#NotAfraid - A super funny girl who I've always enjoyed although we've never been super close. I wish we were though because you're absolutely hilarious! Easily a Tengaged icon no matter what anybody thinks<3

#Delete2544 - Somebody who I have known for a very, very long time and have always enjoyed! We've always been somewhat close and chat quite often. Thanks for always being a #SexxxDream supporter, and I promise to gift ya eventually :*

#dinosaurdan - I don't really know that much about you. I've obviously seen you around Tengaged and you and I are both in the Millz together so I have to like you at least a little bit <3

#jenzie - Easily one of the funniest people on here. We've had our ups and our downs for sure but we've been friends for years now and you never fail to make me laugh. You're my new Dorothy bitch and I know you try to forget when you dated splozo but we know it's true hun it was confirmed when you played roblox all night with them and cammed right after :S LOVE YOU THOUGH bitch and you're one of my favs always!

#savannah19 - I don't know very much about you but I laughed rlly hard at your roast about me even though I probably shouldn't have LOL

#Brandt69 - I love you bitch! We've never been super close but I've always generally liked you. Good luck in Stars, I hope you do really well! I wish we were closer than we are though. I enjoyed talking to you on call that one time :)

#Juliann - We just started talking recently and tbh I really, really like you! I hope you do super well in Stars and I'm obviously here if you need anything, like I told you! I think you're super genuine and easy to get along with. <3

#Kob3Sm1th - I've always thought you were super cool! I think we've had some conversations in the past and maybe played a game or two together but we've never been really close. I've seen you around a lot in the past since we've been around the site a while together!

ryanr36 - We just got close recently and I'm super glad about that <3 It sucks that you got voted out in Survivor because I really enjoy playing with you! I wish we talked more but I know that we're both pretty busy so that's okay :) love ya though!

Steel - I think you and I have talked on a few Skype calls back in the day with VolcomVans. Other than that, I don't know much about you but I have always liked you for one reason or another. I specifically remember a Hunger Games where you and TKKOT were in with me where you all stalled me out at one point in the game. Good times :P but congrats on your Stars win!

Idgaf - We haven't spoken in absolutely forever! We used to be decently close friends, especially back in the day when I was friends with like Dorothy and that crew. I hope you're doing well, we should catch up sometime!

babiicakes - I adore you, obviously! We just recently started talking and stuff and you are a really really nice person and I'm glad to have gotten the chance to meet you! We met by joining Survivor together and I feel like we could be super close friends since we seem to find the same shit funny. Ily <3

Halloween - Despite a lot of people on Tengaged hating you, I actually find you super funny. I feel like you've matured a bit over the years (especially since I was a mod) since you were a little shit back in the day and we never got along. I can say now that I actually really like you and I am glad we moved past the stage of hating each other, because you are truly iconic.

Zeptis - Somebody who has always had similar friend groups/mutual friends as I have but who I have never really been all that close with. I enjoy talking to you on calls occasionally and I think that you're a good friend to those you are close with from what I can tell. STILL WET YA MOMMAS BED ZAPTIS??

amf7410 - You've been around for a really long time, and I've been around for a while too but we have never really associated together for whatever reason. Overall, I like you as a person but we've never been too close for me to give a distinct opinion on you. Whenever you're in Stars, I always support you because you seem like a great player, though!

Foxtrot - You've always been OC affiliated and I have been too for a really long time but we've never been particularly close. I enjoyed that call with you, Timmy and Shyanne last night and I think that you and I would get along really well if we were to become closer friends :) You seem really nice!

RawrItsNick - I have known you for absolutely foreverrrrr and I adore you <3 I think you're one of the nicest and most genuine people I have met on here. You're really talented and attractive obviously. You're my Tengaged boyfriend so obviously I love you <3

GiGi10 - Alexa Bliss is hot as fuck xoxo. You and I have never been all that close but we've chatted on a few occasions. I would say that you are somebody on here who I have always wanted to get closer to but have never really had the opportunity, so let's have that opportunity some time. You seem great :)

_Tanner - I can't say I really know that much about you, sorry!

Minie - An absolute goddess and an icon. I really like you as a person and I think that you're absolutely hilarious. We had random beef at one point but obviously we have gotten past that considering I find you to be so great now. We have good chats every once and a while and I wish that we had them more often because you're super fun to talk to and a really, realy fun person. Love you bitch :*

koolcoop - We just recently met each other in Survivor and I really like you. We don't talk all that much but I consider you to be a friend after that game we played together. Maybe we will have more opportunity to talk in the future, or we will play another game together some day! You seem really chill and somebody who is pretty mature for your age.

mikec51 - You and I have never been particularly close, if I can remember correctly. But you always have seemed nice and we have had some similar friends in the past, so I am sure that I would get along well with you if they all have. CUM AND PUKE!

damo1990 - I used to absolutely hate you for some reason. I really can't remember why but I did. I don't hate you anymore though, but I don't have much of an opinion on you since we haven't particularly had any conversation or played a game together for me to truly develop one.

@Danteman453 - I don't really know much about you, aside from the fact you have been on here forever and I think you're the one who used to post vlogs of them singing and stuff? You were really talented if that's the case. Hope all is well with you :)

BigMamaT - Always been one of my fav Tengagers! I really enjoyed reconnecting with you last night, we have to have chats more often because you are the best. You're so genuine and so caring to those who you are close to and I respect that so much about you. I know you've gone through some rocky patches but I hope you know that I am always here for you if you need a friend! You're a strong woman and I respect that a lot about you. You get shit for stuff that you don't deserve sometime but that's just because you can be controversial, and I love that about you. Love you girly!

BengalBoy - We always seem to be in the same chats together, and I enjoy our chats that we have randomly. We've played a couple Survivor games together and shit and for the most part I have always enjoyed you. You're one of the Tengaged icons despite you not seeming to really give much of a fuck about the website (which is certainly a good thing considering how much people put into a website like this and how angry they get) so I respect you for that. You're also hilarious, but you don't need me to tell you that.

KingB24 - One of my really old friends on here! I've loved you since the Toadstool's Kingdom days and I still think you're great. You're really fun to play games with and a loyal ally which is great! You are still somebody I really want to try playing Stars with, it's so odd that we haven't done that yet! We drifted apart for a while since I left the website and shit but I'm glad that we're becoming friends again and I hope to be close to you again like we once were :D <3 love ya!

PrincessTeePee - ONE OF MY FAV PEOPLE ON HERE. You're so sweet and easy to get along with, and I'm glad that we finally have conversations every once and a while. That call a while back with SexGoddx and you was so fun and we should do that more often, I really enjoyed myself! I think that you're a really great person who stands up for what they believe in and that's so great about you. I've always had massive respect for you as a gameplayer and you have always been a cheerleader of mine in Stars, which I certainly appreciate <3

C00LDUDE1000 - Jeremyst's little mentor ;) Never forget! I really like you although we haven't been close for a little while due to me leaving the website but I think that you are really nice and we should chat more often! <3

JustMe - YAAAS SUE SLAY THE PREMADE WITH YOUR GREAT GAMEPLAY! Contrary to what most people on Tengaged probably assume about our relationship, I actually really, really like you as a person. The whole mod drama was so stupid looking back now and it would have been so much more enjoyable had we all just been able to work together. I wouldn't say I have any regrets though since being a mod was way too much work and an unnecessary amount of stress for something with no reward. You are a really nice person and I enjoy chatting with you. I wish we were closer. I did personally have a lot of fun in the Stars that we played although I was kind of robbed ;)) but you slayed the premade and I wouldn't have wanted to lose to a nicer person <3

_Aria - Despite us not always talking and not being as close as we used to be, you'll always be one of my favorite people on here. You've been a friend of mine for a long time (since back in the Plastics days, to the #ShopAngels days) and you're so easy to get along with. You're super mature compared to most people on the site and I think that's why it was so easy to talk to you. You're hilarious and genuine which is amazing, and I think that you'll truly go far in life. I absolutely adore you <3

Monomial - You've always been somebody who I have liked on here, and we've been decent friends for quite a long time. We've never been SUPER SUPER close or anything which kind of sucks but you are a laid back person who is fun to chat with! You're in #PinzusAngels so obviously I like you, or you wouldn't be in the chat <3 We should talk more but it's probably my fault since I'm the worst at responding to messages and shit when I'm distracted LMAO

ghrocky100 - I recognize you a lot from the community but from what I remember, we haven't been that close! I think we've chatted on a few occasions and I enjoyed those conversations. I hope all is well with you :)

maturo - I used to dislike you and think you were pretty annoying but I like you now since hating people on this website is petty and I reserve that for people who are really really annoying to me lmao. I don't know very much about you though other then the fact that you can be involved in drama quite often! :P

IceBeast - I feel like you and I would get along really really well if we chatted more! We haven't had very many conversations but I like the people that you are friends with so I assume that I would like you too :) We should really talk more because I see you around quite often

DanielleDonato - TBH, I never remember what my opinion on you is. We used to be pretty close friends but then I found you to be kinda annoying but now I don't really have a true opinion on you. I don't hate you or anything I just haven't spoken to you in probably a year and a half so there's not much for me to base it off of! I did like you when we were friends before though so I assume that'd be the same now.

mathboy9 - I've always liked you although we've never been particularly close! We should chat more often :) you seem really nice and we've played a few games together I think!

saraj10 - We've obviously had a rocky past. We were pretty good friends back in the Stars we played with Sue, and then we stayed friends but somewhere that kind of changed and we disliked each other. I personally like you now and I am glad we have put the beef behind us since you're actually really funny :)


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