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5thMay 8, 2017 by brandonpinzu
and I will answer it 100% honestly. It can be about the website, me personally, my friendship/relationships, anything. I'll tag you when I respond to your question so you can see the answer.

#BengalBoy - It's been a rough year since being removed as a moderator.. :/ but I am doing better.

#LittleBrother123 - Lmao, sure why not. The job at this point should just be given to somebody who wants it and randomize should just watch them closely to make sure they don't do anything stupid.

#PureEssence - I've always really liked you. Some people that I have been friends with in the past haven't been the biggest fans of you for whatever reason, but I don't let my opinion of people get swayed by my friends. I think you're sweet and you've been nothing but nice to me in the past. :)

#tofutime - I do! I think that there's a lot of people on here who have the wrong representation of him, he's a really caring friend to me at least.

#jojo7784 - You've always been somebody on the website that I have adored. You and I have always gotten along and I'm glad that we're getting closer now, I hope that it stays that way! I love how you keep it real and I respect how genuine you are. And obviously I couldn't ever kill my twin.

#EliotWhi - I think I hated you at one point but I honestly can never remember who I hate on this website when I leave for like months at a time. As of right now, I don't have that much of an opinion on you. I don't hate you but I don't know much about you aside from what I knew from Habbo. You seem alright though.

#MarieTori - I mean I'd be lying if I said I missed her a ton. She was a good friend of mine but we really just drifted apart and stopped speaking to each other. I don't hate her or anything though.

#Streamx - I honestly have no idea who you are, so I can't give a solid opinion. Did you have another account or something?

#C00LDUDE1000 - Because you were #Jeremyst's mentor, duh.

#Brandt69 - The constant complaining that people had about their clearly justified bans. Somebody would go and post porn on the blogs page or literally say homophobic/racist words and would get banned for it. They'd then Skype me or send us an email and complain about how biased we were because we banned them. I wouldn't say I saw anything super "crazy" just some things that surprised me.

#Halloween - I actually really like you now. I used to think you were annoying but now I think you're funny and I like you as a person. I'm glad we were able to put all that shit behind us because you are a fun person to talk to and somebody who I'd actually not mind being friends with.

#PrincessTeePee - Good question! If I were going based off friendships on here, I'd go with  Lemjam6 because I've been friends with him the longest of most people that I speak to now. Otherwise, I would say SexGoddx or _Aria because I find them to be super interesting to talk to.

#FighterMan - Halloween by far. As for the opinion, I think that you seem like somebody that I would really get along with. We've been in a few chats together I think but I don't believe we've really had a conversation one one one. We should get to know each other!

#Lemjam6 - I genuinely think you're a mixture of the two. You have heroic qualities when it comes to your friends but you can have very villainesque tendencies. If I had to choose one, I would ultimately choose villain because of how you can get in games.

#Minie - I think you're a ton of fun to talk to. You have such an entertaining personality and you are somebody who I would love to get close with because of that. We've never been super close in the past but I've enjoyed the conversations that we have had.

#AllieBoBallie - I adore you obviously. We got close super quick and it was weird to bond with somebody that quickly but I think that you're a ton of fun to talk to. I know that you've been stressed about life lately but I also know that you're going to figure it all out in time! Obviously the phrase hun knee is fucking cringeworthy and I can't believe somebody actually said that and were being serious.

#Eoin - I've always really liked you. You're an easy person to get along with and you have are somebody who seems to be quite intelligent. We've never been overly close but you're somebody I enjoy speaking to when we're on CYA calls together. I'd love to get closer with you!

#deshonBANNEDisback - Of course.

#Hisoka - You seem really nice from what I know of you from playing Survivor with you. We haven't had many deep or meaningful conversations but I like you.

#TrollingPenguin - I think you're absolutely hilarious, you and I were pretty close back before I left the website and I'd love to get closer to you again. You are somebody who will stick up for their friends which I really respect and admire and you're super fun to talk to.

#macken - I love you of course <3 I'm super glad that we're close now because you're so fun to talk to and I really love our conversations. I know that you're somebody I can go to and confide in so thank you for that!! I hope we continue to get closer because you're adorable <3

#Survivor8 - Honestly I think Jake because he'd be willing to fight dirty LOL

#SexyBanana - Awh SB I miss you! You were always so fun to talk to in the Socialites. I really miss that group of friends because we were such a tight group for the most part. I think that you're absolutely hilarious and one of the easiest people to get along with that I have ever met on here. You're likable by everybody and if there were ever somebody who didn't like you, they're just jealous tbh

#Stupendous - I guess it was my activity. A few things I was most known for were: Being a moderator, my 72 merge streak, my Stars record (I used to get a lot of 4ths) and a few other things I suppose. I just made friends and they were well known so it caused me to get well known I guess

#NotNicky333 - Not very high. I couldn't tell you an exact number but maybe like 170-175? I'm 6'1 and I don't gain weight very easily

#christossss - Duh! You're somebody I wish I was closer to.

#Joseline - You seem like somebody who's funny. I won't lie (no shade but..) I always thought that somebody was recording your vlogs or something for you. Not that I even care about that because I couldn't give less of a fuck of what gender people are. Either way, you seem like somebody I would get along with and seem very entertaining.

#KatarinaDuCouteau - I don't know too much about you but you seem sweet. We spoke mayb once or twice in the past so I can't give you a too detailed opinion. Maybe we should talk more.

#Willie_ - I'm not seeking out the position. I'm a firm believer in the fact that most people would take the position if they were asked. It's hard to say no to a question like that in the heat of the moment. I would never seek out the position but if randomize did ask me to take it over again, I would do it. Obviously the first priority would be getting rid of the multis and  getting rid of cheating. There's not too much I would change. I'd rather just serve as a mentor to a new mod or something if they needed guidance/had a question.

#ImGonnaWin - I don't know you well but from what I remember I'm pretty sure you're pretty popular on here and you have to at least be tolerable to be well liked by most, so you're probably a nice person. My biggest dream right now is to attend a top law school and become a lawyer, it's been what I have been working towards for years now.

#Toxicity - I was in contact with Johneh. Johneh was compiling a list of potential moderators after Ghoul had left and he had approached me about it (it was during a time where I was fairly inactive on the website) and I said I would be interested in doing it. Johneh was in contact with randomize and sent a list of a few names where it was then narrowed down to two (Jallina15 and I). Randomize said no to Jallina and yes to me and appointed me as a moderator. I found out by Johneh mailing me something like "Welcome to the staff team" or something and me going to to see I had access to the mod panel.

#dannyjr0587 - My top five allies would be you, Lemjam6, dorkishbarbi, LucyX3Jean and BbDamian I suppose. That was a hard list to honestly get together aside from the top 3 (you, Jake and Dorkish). As for the other question, any time you and I have been against each other it hasn't ended well so I wouldn't want that to happen again. Going against Vishaala in Stars would be some scary shit too, maybe Emmaleigh as another. Other than that, there's not very many people that truly "scare" me to go toe to toe with in Stars (that isn't meant to sound conceited lmao)

#levonini - Duh.

#iDeath - I'm gonna assume that you meant something along the lines of regretting something I have done with somebody on here. No, I don't. I have very little regrets on this website because it's not that impactful on my real life so I have no reason to regret things. People that have truly impacted my life in a huge way from this site are: Lemjam6, Kentuckyy, LucyX3Jean, and anybody who is still in the OC.

#Ethan000 - I have nothing against you. I get it a lot that people think that I don't like them but there's probably a total of like 3 people on this website who I don't like, and trust me, you are not one of them LOL. I don't know very much about you but I assure you I don't dislike you.

#rawr25 - Like you said in the Millz earlier, we've never really spoken all that much. You seem like an entertaining person though and sombody who I think I'd get along well with.

#_Aria - Honestly I switch it up all the time. It depends on who I'm with and what I'm feeling in the moment.

#meduncan - I'm great, how are you?

#Hannah_Banks2250 - tbh i dont know what that is

#KingB24 - Chase! I miss you. You and I were pretty good friends back in the Toadstool's Kingdom days. You were always fun to talk to and a loyal friend and ally in games! I miss talking to you and honestly I miss the Toadstool's Kingdom group in general! That group was iconic and was one of my favorite times on Tengaged tbh

#scooby0000 - I'm sorry but I don't know enough about you to generate a good enough opinion

#LoveLife - It's weird to think how much time people spend on here for sure. I've never given it a ton of thought though. I've always thought you were super nice and we've played a few games together but we've never had many conversations.

#TayBear17 - I don't know you too well. I've seen you around a lot but I don't think we've had any meaningful conversations. Shoot me a message sometime if you want!

Blahblahblahblah - Pizza!

obscurity - no tbh

Kaylabby - a fucking goddess duh! love you bitch and miss you <3

imthtawesom - i dont i love u support sexxx dreams

Vindaloo - I think you're a lot of fun! You're super cool honestly and I'm glad Survivor let us meet each other. I think we could be super close friends in the future! You've become one of my closest allies on the tribe so I have no reason to backstab you, so no I wouldn't :)

DanielKennedy111 - #BrandonKennedy111 round 1 or round 2 though hun? love u though yes no regrets just love <3

Funnehliner - no tbh lmao

vansreborn - you've always been somebody that i've really enjoyed talking to. Despite us never having THAT close of a friendship, I've considered you a friend on this site for a long time now. I really do wish we were closer and chatted more frequently! You have a great sense of humour and are really simple to get along with

bambinoswag - Blue.

JourdanBabyXOXO - Yes! I don't have any problem with you.

nikki101 - LOL.. that involves so much effort, but it is quite tragic I don't have it.

GiGi10 - I think you're thinking of this game! but you're also somebody I've always thought I would get along with quite well. You seem to be easy to get along with and somebody who seems to be a loyal friend on here and that is something I respect. I'd love to get to know you more!

TheSexiestDude990 - Kinda lame but something I expected either way.

Admir - That's a really hard question, I honestly have not made too many difficult decisions in my life at this point but I'd have to go with what university I was going to attend  since I was accepted to multiple. I don't regret my decision today, though. As for the opinion, I don't know you too well but we should chat sometime!

LunaPark - I can't help my ways.

Phenomanimal - I'm ready whenever bitch!!!

Thumper91 - I love you a lot of course, you're somebody I have always adored but that's not something you're unfamiliar with :) You have one of my top supports as always, you're always supporting me in Stars so it's the least I can do to return the favour :)

jason_2_12 - Yes I am! Usually when I see a Stars cast now, I am unfamiliar with half of the people in the game. This game was a nice change to that since I know most people in there, but yes I absolutely am supporting you! good luck!

baza76 - You and I have never been SUPER close but we've always been decent friends. I think you're adorable and somebody who's super likeable. Having conversations with you is actually entertaining because you're funny and not dull like some other people. You're able to legitimately hold a conversation with somebody and that's nice. I really like you and think we could be really good friends if we both put the effort in :) <3

Danny12 - Of course I do! I always have enjoyed you tbh.

HelenaG - I don't hate you. I don't really know who you are though.

Jenii_Valenta - It truly is something I struggle with daily. I have a large printed off version of your avatar posted up in my room. Whenever I am feeling down and require some motivation, I look at you and realize I could be as pretty and intelligent as you if I tried. Whenever I am working out, I am looking at your picture for motivation. When I'm studying, that avatar is there with me. Some day I will be. :(

finklestein123 - I've never known what you've thought of me but i've personally always enjoyed you as an individual. We've had a couple of merge streaks together I believe and you, BB5Lover and I used to join games quite often together. You're an iconic tengaged personality and you're somebody I would certainly enjoy being close with.

aes222aes - We used to be pretty decent friends and I have always thought you were interesting to talk to. I miss when we used to talk often, we should definitely start again :) I hope all is well with you!

acyuta - We've never been particularly close but if I remember correctly, we got nominated together in Stars back when you were a noob. I'm always down to meet new people so hit me up sometime!

Conjow - No I don't. :P

@black0ut247 - I've always liked you, but we have never been close and honestly in the few Stars we have played together (which isn't very many if I remember correctly) I don't think we really worked together in them. Gonna make an entrance to Stars soon? And the answer to your second question: probably mahogany, he's one of the only people on here I don't like lmao

ConstanceMarie - Absolutely! My Skype is brandon-pinzu :)

GrrrImABear - As cliché as it sounds, my family for sure.

Quackerz - Very good question because if we did work together I really think that we'd be nearly unstoppable. We've never even remotely been in the same close alliances in Stars and that's a shame cause I think it would go very well for us. It's probably just because we both know each other as stronger players and it's threatening to each other.


are you alright?
Sent by BengalBoy,May 8, 2017
If I was one of the choices for a mod, would u recommend me to randomize
Sent by LittleBrother123,May 8, 2017
im gonna be basic and ask what is ur opinion of me
Sent by PureEssence,May 8, 2017
do you think kentuckyy is a good person?
Sent by tofutime,May 8, 2017
What's your opinion of me and if you had to pick to kill me or gentlemang who would you kill
Sent by jojo7784,May 8, 2017
Sent by EliotWhi,May 8, 2017
do you miss dorothy
Sent by MarieTori,May 8, 2017
opinion and rate! pls bpinz
Sent by Streamx,May 8, 2017
why am I so great?
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,May 8, 2017
craziest things you saw as a mod?
Sent by Brandt69,May 8, 2017
what is ur actual opinion to me
Sent by Halloween,May 8, 2017
Who on tebgaged would you most like to have a dinner evening with? :)
Sent by PrincessTeePee,May 8, 2017
who annoyed you the most when u had mod powers?
Sent by FighterMan,May 8, 2017
do you think i'm a hero or villain and why
Sent by Lemjam6,May 8, 2017
thought you'd answer it 100% honestly? hmm
Sent by tofutime,May 8, 2017
Sent by Minie,May 8, 2017
how do you REALLY feel about miss boballie hmm x?
Sent by AllieBoBallie,May 8, 2017
Also, how do you feel about the phrase "hun knee" i need to know
Sent by AllieBoBallie,May 8, 2017
What is your opinion on me
Sent by Eoin,May 8, 2017
do u love me
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,May 8, 2017
Your opinion of me so far?
Sent by Hisoka,May 8, 2017
hand me that opin queen
Sent by TrollingPenguin,May 8, 2017
how do u really feel about me
Sent by macken,May 8, 2017
Turney and Lemjam get into a fist fight, who wins?
Sent by Survivor8,May 8, 2017
Talk about me xo
Sent by SexyBanana,May 8, 2017
how did you get known in tengaged?
Sent by Stupendous,May 8, 2017
What is your highest weight ever
Sent by NotNicky333,May 8, 2017
am i your fav
Sent by christossss,May 8, 2017
Sent by Joseline,May 8, 2017
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,May 8, 2017
Would you ever take the mod position ever again?
I think you would do an amazing job at it again but I want to hear what you would like to change, do and if you would ever take it again :P
Sent by Willie_,May 8, 2017
Sent by Joseline,May 8, 2017
opinion and biggest dream ?
Sent by ImGonnaWin,May 8, 2017
How did you know you were a mod? Did randomize mail you with the offer?
Sent by Toxicity,May 8, 2017
Who are your top 5 favorite stars allies, and to snowball that question, who are the five players you would be most afraid to be against?

*bitch id better be on both of those answers*
see Stars 201 and then every stars we've been in since.
Sent by dannyjr0587,May 8, 2017
want to fuck
Sent by levonini,May 8, 2017
Sent by iDeath,May 8, 2017
Do you lease something you did here on this site with someone?
Sent by iDeath,May 8, 2017
I meant in the sense of even repentance
Sent by iDeath,May 8, 2017
Do you not particularly like me? Idk if it's just me being weird or whatever, but I feel like your don't and idk what I did D:
Sent by Ethan000,May 8, 2017
brandonpinzu I liked that answer. I agree that this site sometimes does not have much impact with our life outside. But do you believe that I have 4 friends that I met at 6 years ago that are still part of my real life? Everyone lives in distant states, but I've already visited them to get to know them. They are people that all affection and love are reciprocal, and that make the difference in my life, so in some cases this site brings us things for real life too.
Sent by iDeath,May 8, 2017
iDeath - Completely agree! There are some people that I have met on this website that I truly consider to be some of my best friends. They've become friends to me that aren't just "online friends" anymore. :)
Sent by brandonpinzu,May 8, 2017
brandonpinzu I think it's fantastic to meet someone in an online game, in which until then you wanted to know that it existed, and then that person is so important and present in your life.
Sent by iDeath,May 8, 2017
Based on this dialogue, I ask you one more question. Name some of these users you said are part of your real life.
Sent by iDeath,May 8, 2017
also opinion of me
Sent by FighterMan,May 8, 2017
Sent by rawr25,May 8, 2017
Answered your other questions back with your original questions.
Sent by brandonpinzu,May 8, 2017
What do you order when you get Chinese?
Sent by _Aria,May 8, 2017
how are you today?
Sent by meduncan,May 8, 2017
Is my pepper design my best?
Sent by Hannah_Banks2250,May 8, 2017
What's your opinion of me?
Sent by KingB24,May 8, 2017
Opinion of me?
Sent by scooby0000,May 8, 2017
Do you ever sit and wonder why the hell we all spend hours and hours of our lives on this site?
Also what do you think of me?
Sent by LoveLife,May 8, 2017
opinion lmaoooooooooooooo
Sent by TayBear17,May 8, 2017
What should I have for dinner?
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,May 8, 2017
do u believe in god
Sent by obscurity,May 8, 2017
Sent by Kaylabby,May 8, 2017
why do u hate me
Sent by Imthtawesom,May 8, 2017
opinion on me? Will you ever backstab me?
Sent by Vindaloo,May 8, 2017
Was dating me the best time of your life? The only answer is yes
Sent by DanielKennedy111,May 8, 2017
Do you watch teaaaaaaaaaaa brother
Sent by Funnehliner,May 8, 2017
do an honest opinion of me or else
Sent by vansreborn,May 8, 2017
What's your favorite color?
Sent by bambinoswag,May 8, 2017
Do u like me
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,May 8, 2017
can you remake a picture of my face on dog please I'm still devastated you don't have it
Sent by nikki101,May 9, 2017
ok i know me and you played a game or something before but i cant remember what it was for some reason but it feels important to me... strange.

anyways opinion
Sent by GiGi10,May 9, 2017
Opinion on most of the questions on here just being people looking for opinions instead of actual decent questions?
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,May 9, 2017
Oh the questions I could ask... ;P
Sent by Johneh,May 9, 2017
What was the toughest decision you have made in real life outside Tengaged?

And op
Sent by Admir,May 9, 2017
Sent by LunaPark,May 9, 2017
when are we meeting, bpinz!!!!
Sent by Phenomanimal,May 9, 2017
How much do you love me and how much support in stars do I have from you :*
Sent by Thumper91,May 9, 2017
Are you supporting me in stars? :P
Sent by jason_2_12,May 9, 2017
i want an opinion
Sent by baza76,May 9, 2017
Thank you :*
Sent by jason_2_12,May 9, 2017
do u like me?
Sent by Danny12,May 9, 2017
why do you hate me?
Sent by HelenaG,May 9, 2017
How does it feel to know that you'll never be as pretty or as intelligent as me? :/
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,May 9, 2017
Opinion of me?
Sent by finklestein123,May 9, 2017
Opinion of me?
Sent by aes222aes,May 9, 2017
Opinion of me?
Sent by acyuta,May 9, 2017
Do you have a problem with me?
Sent by Conjow,May 9, 2017
Sent by black0ut247,May 9, 2017
Actually I am. Can't this weekend but probably the next one.
Sent by black0ut247,May 9, 2017
Also who is one person on this site do you genuinely believe is a truly evil wretched person?
Sent by black0ut247,May 9, 2017
May I ask if you would ever be willing to be friends, and Skype? You seem cool when you post and I've been trying to make some friends on here, since I barely know anyone.
Sent by ConstanceMarie,May 9, 2017
What is the one thing you wouldn't be able to live without?
Sent by GrrrImABear,May 9, 2017
why couldn't we ever work together in stars lol
Sent by Quackerz,May 9, 2017
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Sent by yellowunicorn,May 9, 2017
im not reading all of those to see if mine was already posted but why do you keep logging into tengaged (no shade, just curious about what makes you stay on here)
Sent by MickJagger,May 9, 2017

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