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2ndMay 6, 2017 by brandonpinzu
Happy Birthday Jake! Since it’s your birthday, I collected a few messages from a bunch of people that you are/have been friends with over the past little while. Here they are! Lemjam6

“Happy Birthday Jake! =]
Honestly, you really are the best. When no one else cares, you still care.  You care so much about your friends, even when you go a lil psycho (but we’re all a lil psycho), and I hope by this blog you see that the love is returned in full! You really just get me like others don’t and i’m so happy that i’ve met you and #blessed that you are part of my life.  It’s really hard to trust people on here and see the good, but you’re always and forever team loyal, team fun, and someone to count on.  I predict many good things are going to be coming to you in your future, as deserved! Whether that be a lifetime supply of Panera, the return of Cristina Yang,  a well-deserved stars win or a defeat from the curse of the Algo tie.  I love you and hope your birthday brings you all the wonderful things you deserve! Cheers to a good year, and many more to come! xo” - AllieBoBallie

“Happy birthday Jake! Thank you for being my friend. I feel like a lot of people see you for a tough exterior because of you’re yelling but inside you’re a big softie and a great friend to have. Hope you have perfect day!” - Eoin

“JAKEEEEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!! I fucking love you and you're craziness sometimes lol you are such a good friend to me and always such a hoot I miss you to pieces. I hope you have the best birthday ever :)” - Thumper91

“Jake, where do I even start? Bitch we've been through more shit than Meredith Grey, I don't want to be corny, because you hate that but idc, like i've said time after time you're my best friend on this site and time and time again we've been there for eachother even if we despised eachother, you make me scream laughing and you never bore me, you're my SISTER, same wavelength boo, ily <3” - Judi

"Happy Birthday Jake, where do I begin? I met you like idk how long ago in skype games but we never really clicked till stars. When we played stars with Corey1 we were on call like all night playing Balloono and it was pretty iconic. You were part of the OC at the time (blegh) and now look at you, you have your own sheep, (some annoying at times) but overall you are a leader and not a follower and I respect that. Though we get into fights sometimes I consider you a great friend and enjoy your day hon. Signed, Erica Hahn. M.D." - Halloween

“Jake! We've been friends since April of 2013, and its been a roller coaster of feelings thats for sure. You're a really good friend and you know it, we may not always get along but you are my best friend. I cant wait to meet you one day, so you can see me for my true insecure self. Have a great birthday Jake, I love you. “ - Orlando652

“Jake! Happy birthday! You're absolutely crazy but we're the same kind of crazy, You crack me up you're so funny and every time I think of something over the top disgustingly funny I know you're the only person that will laugh so I always think and run to you! I feel like we've been best friends forever now! I hope your day is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to be added to the next grey's anatomy patient ranking!” - RoseMaria

“Jake, You're honestly one of the brightest and most outgoing people i know.. stay shining and doing what you do best. Ily xox” - babiicakes

“Happy Birthday Jake! You are no longer a teenager! Thank you for being one of my closest friends on this website! I love talking about survivor and big brother to you simply because we don't attack each other for having different opinions. I do think you are one of the craziest, short tempered people I lnow but no one is perfect and that makes you, you :) SO enjoy your day in honor of dre winning bbcan :) love ya :D
PS - Thanks for letting me vent to you about my life :)”  - cfff

“Jake, my goodness, in the last six years,  we have had an outrageous number of ups and downs. I came on this site thinking I would play games but not actually make any friends, and you shattered that thought. You have been the one constant I've had on Tengaged for as long as I can remember, and I am beyond grateful to be your friend. In these last 6 years, I have seen you grow so much and transform yourself. You are a caring, loyal, trustworthy person, and those are qualities that I wish more people on TG saw because you are incredibly misunderstood. No matter what life throws at you, I hope you keep being you and continue to hold on to the qualities that make you great. Have an amazing birthday, you deserve it!” - turney1805

“Happy Birthday Jake <3 you’re one of my best friends on the site so I went out of my way to make you this special birthday video of your favorite Survivor player. Words can’t describe how much you mean to me, so you better enjoy this and your birthday <3!
” - GentlemanG

"Jake, you are one of the sweetest, kindest, and funniest people ive met on this site. We talk everyday, and I dont think ive ever been as close to someone on tengaged as I am to you. I know I can trust you with anything and you will always have my back 100%. I know i can be a pain a lot of the times and very hard to deal with, but anytime we fight we are always able to work it out and get through it. You are the best friend I could ever have and I am forever grateful that we got to become such close friends, and I hope it stays that way for a long time." - Mahalpin11

“Jake, Jake, Jake. We have been friends for over 2 years now and to be honest it has been a rollercoaster ride. You are literally a fucking psychopath but like that's what makes you, you. You are very confident in yourself and you never ever let anyone push you around, which is a very good thing. Over the course of our friendship we have been friends and then not friends many many times. I wouldn't change any of it though because I feel like every time we get into a fight and then become friends again it just makes our friendship stronger idk. All I know is that you are one of the closest friends I have left on this site so please don't leave anytime soon! I love you soooooo much and I'm very happy I met you. You are the Yang to my Altman, the Spencer to my Alison, the Brooke to my Rachel. Have a great birthday. <3” - jojo7784

“Happy Birthday JAKE! Its been like 2 years and we still aren't friends;) JK. You have been such a good friend to me and honestly I can say the same. Anyway keep the streak and wear protection tonight;)))))))) Enjoy your night ILY xx” - macken

“Happy Birthday from the one and only Justin Bieber XO
” - RobertGuajardo

“Happy Birthday Jake! Rachel and Brooke didn't always get along but when they did it was epic. Hope you have a great day.” - Abrogate

“Happy Birthday Jake aka Cersie!!!!!
We've been through so many ups and downs in the past but i'm so glad we both have matured and realized how petty we were. You are always so loyal and genuine with me and i appreciate it so much. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come, you deserve the best =].” - FighterMan

Happy Birthday bitch! You will always be one of my favorite people on Tengaged. You have always been like a brother to me on here and I wouldn’t trade your friendship for absolutely anything. You’re a tad psychotic but you’re my little psycho and I love it <3 You are so loyal to me when it comes to games and just everything in life and that is a quality I value so much in a friendship. You’re like my good luck charm in everything I do tbh, whether it be Stars, frookies or just anything tbh. Some petty ass jealous bitches were kinda pressed about me making this blog instead of them but honestly that isn’t my problem because you and I have been friends for years and years and no matter what that will always be the case! You’re one of those people that even if I leave Tengaged for an extended period of time, we will always stay super close friends <3 Literally thank you so much for everything that you have done for me in the past and for always being that person that I can approach when I’m having a bad day or just somebody to rant to about anything. #TBT to the Toadstool’s Kingdom days and #TheFamily days where we would literally be on call for hours and hours at a time slaying everything that we put our minds to <3 Thank you so much for being my best friend on here for years. I hope you have an amazing birthday because you deserve nothing less and I hope you don’t get too black out drunk <3 Tell Jane I love her too hun and miss her. MUAH :* - bpinz


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Happy birthday Jake!
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happy birthday jake :D king of pop
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te cumpleaños feliz
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