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1stApr 30, 2017 by brandonpinzu
Hi randomize,

I think I speak for a majority of Tengaged here when I say that it would be great to see moderation return to the website. As I've said in the past, most of us more veteran Tengaged users fully understand your hesitation due to your trusting of users in the past with the role and it not working out like it should have. However, there are viable candidates who I'm sure you could trust with the position to finally get the site fully moderated again. If your plan is to stay active and you find the moderator you appoint to be incapable of using their powers in the way they are intended to be used, you can simply remove them. It may be a tedious process but certainly a more successful one than the unfortunate past where mods have been left to run the site themselves.

As I have also mentioned previously, if you require the password to the #Tengaged_Moderation account myself or one of the other previous staff members ( JustMe or Johneh) could certainly give that back to you. If your full intention is to get this site back and running to its full capacity, moderation is a key role that needs to be filled, especially to ensure that there are no loopholes that are found when it comes to multiple accounts and cheating.

The return of moderation would allow the community to thrive again. The updates that have been done on the website so far have already brought people back to the website and I assume it has increased the number of people who visit it daily. It'd ensure cheating is eliminated, multiple accounts are banned and anybody who posts pornographic images or homophobic/racist slurs get punished.

As some have said previously, some view this as a ploy for me to return to the moderation position. That's just not true and I think I can speak for many previous moderators in saying that it is a very difficult role and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's something that can be very frustrating but with the activity of randomize again, perhaps it could make things much easier on somebody who actually takes on the role.

randomize, what we ask is that you simply address the issue. Please listen to some of your more veteran users who have been around for quite some time when thinking of updates that can be beneficial towards the website. Addressing the issue of moderation is something that takes a few seconds of your time and by doing that it would allow us to know the direction the website will be taking.



Sent by JesseM,Apr 30, 2017
please rando
Sent by Rocker917,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by _Aria,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by MisterPredaa,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Apr 30, 2017
Exactly! There's plenty of people who can do a good job despite the past Randomize.
Sent by SexGoddx,Apr 30, 2017
ploy for attention! Disgusting
Sent by Judi,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by iYBF,Apr 30, 2017
didnt you just make this blog like 3 days ago
Sent by baza76,Apr 30, 2017
Mother of speaking for gaged.
Queen of moderation.
Sent by RiDsTeR,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by Tommeh208,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by GentlemanG,Apr 30, 2017
I'll do it randomize
Sent by BBlover96,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by jason_2_12,Apr 30, 2017
It is by far the most requestee thing not to mention why many old players said they wont return until moderation does
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 30, 2017
My response to this exactly is this
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 30, 2017
I've seen this "list" of possible mods and if some of them actually get he job I think a lot of people would be pissed.
Just saying. The list could be wrong through...
I know nothing
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Apr 30, 2017
I'd never do this again and I'd never recommend anyone to. I like aquamarine idea of paid moderation.
Sent by JustMe,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by KrisStory,Apr 30, 2017
Paid moderation ? Lmfao
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 30, 2017
Let him fix one thing at a time gosh!
Sent by Imopink1,Apr 30, 2017
YOU TELL HIM BRANDON!!! #pinzu4mod
Sent by Rebelman2227,Apr 30, 2017
didnt you just make this blog like 3 days ago
Sent by baza76,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by AlanDuncan,Apr 30, 2017
Please leave johneh outta this. JustMe is fine
Sent by RasCity,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by mudndawilderness,Apr 30, 2017
I'm hollering.
Sent by WillyEx,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by YasGaga,Apr 30, 2017
Sent by trickdaddy6,Apr 30, 2017
randomize please address the issue and I strongly recommend mods.
Sent by Abrogate,Apr 30, 2017
Problem with mods is they inevitably get power hungry and play favorites
Sent by Scononduders,May 1, 2017
Sent by lorenzo96,May 1, 2017
It's so very true lol. Before he came back I had never seen the site in such bad shape in my 6+ years here. Moderation is key and it must be addressed to keep things running smoothly.
Sent by Spinner554,May 1, 2017
queen +8
Sent by Mario23,May 1, 2017
Users who only check in for mails like myself would be the best choices because we couldn't care less about games or karma, I think moderators shouldn't be allowed to play games, etc. Makes it that much better!
Sent by iGoddess,May 1, 2017
Problem with mods is they inevitably get power hungry and play favorites
Sent by RoseMaria,May 1, 2017

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