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1stApr 22, 2017 by brandonpinzu
I know just how much moderation is truly needed on the site. The site is lucky that it didn't go through some sort of investigation with the number of pornographic images that were posted (where many of them included minors).

randomize, I know that you have issues with trusting people on the website to hold a moderation role (and rightfully so due to some people who have held moderation roles in the past) but there has got to be somebody that is suited for the role that you could hand it over to. If the issue is getting the #Tengaged_Moderation account back, if you're not able to reset it for whatever reason, you could get the password from a former moderator (me, JustMe, Johneh certainly wouldn't have an issue giving that back..)

The number of people who have returned to Tengaged over the past few days is huge because there's that hope that the site can return to its former glory. However, if there is no active moderator (or moderators) to go through reports and moderate the site when you are not around, then the players who have found loopholes in the past are going to find them again and cheat the system.

I understand the frustration of things you do likely being considered unappreciated, it happened with every single moderator in the past too but as much as many of us appreciate your presence on the site again, a first step should likely be addressing the issue of moderation. I know the idea of a self-moderated community likely sounds great to you, but it holds the risk of somebody finding a loophole to get around certain things.

Thanks for everything you've done, but this is something that truly needs to be attended to.


Brandonpinzu you know I have long said that about the amount of child porn that not only passes on this website but on skype and others BECAUSE of this site...If the right people ever get light of it its gonna be bad if not fixed...
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 22, 2017
< 3
Sent by Thumper91,Apr 22, 2017
brandon i've missed you! brandonpinzu
Sent by zachboy967,Apr 22, 2017
Agreed 100%
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Apr 22, 2017
endorse me for mod pinzu, thanks!
Sent by brookie_cookie,Apr 22, 2017
Sent by Aerodynamics,Apr 22, 2017
Fuck you for ruining the site.
Sent by Petro,Apr 22, 2017
Sent by Vanili,Apr 22, 2017
or just make you like Jesus to Randomizes God
Sent by rowjone,Apr 22, 2017
Sent by Rebelman2227,Apr 22, 2017
randomize I can't remember my password and don't have my email. Please mail me
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Apr 22, 2017
Fuck you for ruining the site.
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Apr 22, 2017
coming from a non mod were glad u were dethroned
Sent by semajdude,Apr 22, 2017
didn't you like go crazy or something about hunger one time as a mod
Sent by YasGaga,Apr 22, 2017
It has to be really complicated to trust in someone. For example, on .es mod were a group of friends  and they did whatever they want.. so frustrating tbh. When some of them joined start, he/she always won

I think Krisstory would be a great mod. I don't know those you said, but Johneh talked me like a shit once when I spammed him.
Sent by sandym89,Apr 22, 2017
Sent by Katherinee_,Apr 22, 2017
Yes for mods
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 22, 2017
I would love to help out with mod stuff but I know that won't happen.
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 22, 2017
This site will never be the way it used to be unless updates are done.
Sent by Cmack311,Apr 22, 2017
Sent by Lauttyy,Apr 22, 2017
hello miss brandon
Sent by HaiImJake,Apr 22, 2017
ur the trash that i remember u to be brandonpinzu
Sent by jtotalturtle,Apr 23, 2017
Nope we don't need mods, every known mod we have had so far except ghoul has been a fuck up and has brought the site down/into shit because they dont follow there own rules.

What we need is an active owner in randomize, if randomize is active and bans people who break the rules then will have less people breaking rules cause people will be scared to do anything
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Apr 23, 2017
I doubt he has any issues wiht gettin the password xd
Sent by _Teemo_,Apr 23, 2017
I literally reported a pedophile to randomize but he didn't respond back, we need an active moderator, indeed, @ ShadowBaller000.
Sent by CutieAmy,Apr 23, 2017
Sent by CutieAmy,Apr 23, 2017
He could add image scanning, bannable word identifiers, cheat blocking algorithms but people will always try to find loopholes. I agree, BrandonPinzu, no matter how great technology is getting, we still need a human perspective.

I don't think it's the password since he would have the email address that activated the account surely?? Plus he could make another account - like he did with T_Modtemp (however it was spelt) account. :)
Sent by Yoshitomi,Apr 23, 2017
Shadowballer000 even NoelSarah???
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 23, 2017
I made the T_ModTEMP account. Yoshitomi
Yeah, it's possible to do those things but like you said a human perspective will certainly make things much, much easier!
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 23, 2017
When nexus made this blog also, about him
Sent by Minie,Apr 23, 2017
ive been playing tengaged for more than 5 years and i can say now that Moderation on this site gives more trouble than it helps... if randomize is thinking about someone for MOD i would advice him to put someone that is not related with the tengaged community and have no intention either to be a primma donna or take advantage of his power for personal motivations.
Sent by pancakes,Apr 23, 2017
randomize - Carlos, please check this blog out!
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 23, 2017
Okay this is ridiculous brandonpinzu I literally know for a fact firsthand and based on things I've heard from people close to you that you were an extremely biased mod who would ban people your friends had beef with literally get off your pedestal right now you sanctimonious phony piece of shit
Sent by mahogany,Apr 23, 2017
mahogany - You act as if I am trying to become a moderator again, not a single mod can say they were absolutely perfect. I'm just saying that the site is lame without moderation, many of my close friends would confirm that I'd never take that role again. I'd like to know what specific examples you have anyway, I barely did anything as a moderator anyway, Sue was the one who put in 95% of the work due to my inactivity/lack of dedication for the role.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 23, 2017
brandonpinzu Well the last thing any of us needs is the biggest example of biased moderation I know on this site preaching to us. Go home
Sent by mahogany,Apr 23, 2017
you sanctimonious phony piece of shit
Sent by finklestein123,Apr 23, 2017
Now that is certainly a reach, mahogany.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 23, 2017

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