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3rdOct 13, 2015 by brandonpinzu
and I will rank you in one of the following categories. I'll throw in a *short* opinion too.

Best Friends
CutieAmy - Somebody I would have recently added to this category. You and I have great convos and I am always entertained by them. I'm glad we've gotten a lot closer lately, and I hope we continue to talk on a daily basis. :)
TrollingPenguin - Similar to what I said about Ali, you and I just recently got close, but I would consider you a best friend of mine. You're absolutely hilarious to talk to, and you enjoy all the same shows that I do. #OliviaPope
_Aria - We certainly have drifted a part recently, since I was gone from Tengaged for a while, and when I started to become active again, it seemed that you were no longer as active, which sucks, but due to the history that we have, I most certainly need to place you in this category. You have always been one of my favorite people on Tengaged, and I really do miss the #ShopAngels chat. Love you bitch!
DanielKennedy111 - You know how I feel about you. It's pretty great how we can be close friends even with our history together. I think you're a great friend to the people who are close to you, and I respect that about you. ily < 3
#Lemjam6 - Hi Jake! You're a piece of shit. Just kidding, you know how I feel about you. I really like how you play on #TeamLoyal and how we both slayed Murphy in Stars like the queens that we are. I enjoy our conversations and I am glad that we have gotten closer lately, because we drifted apart at one point in the past. Thanks for everything these past few years, and I hope we continue to be BFFs. Also, Vishaala is a cunt.

Petro - I really like you. I see potential for us to get really close soon. :)
Maxi1234 - We don't really talk anymore! I've always adored you, and I think we could be really close if we actually gave it the chance and talked more.
EliOrtiz1234 - I see potential of us becoming really close, I think you're a really nice guy and you're entertaining to talk to. I'm glad we were in the same stars to get closer! :)
Willie_ - Another person I wish I was much closer with. I think we'd be really good friends if we talked more.
RoboZoe - You and I don't really talk that much, but similar to the people above, I wish we were closer.
oreo270 - You and I just met, and so far I have really enjoyed our conversations and getting to know you better. I really hope we continue to talk! :)
JustMe - You and I have obviously gotten much closer over the past couple of months. I don't think we're quite on the BFF scale yet, but I can see us getting there someday. Love you! :)
RoseMaria - At one point you had so much potential to be in the category above, but we have drifted apart and don't talk like ever anymore. :(
hwest14 - TBH, I think myself and the rest of the OC disliked you at one point, but I can't quite remember the reason. But, obviously that is not the case anymore, and I do really enjoy you as a person. I'd almost put you in the category below because we don't talk that much, but I think you're worthy of being placed here. :)
PrincessTeePee - You and I never talk, but I feel like we have a mutual respect for each other that pretty much makes me me want to put you in this category. I've always really liked you, and I respect how you're real with everybody.
Thumper91 - You're a complete sweetie, and I know that everybody tells you that, but it's the truth. I've always had a liking for you, but we have never really been that close unfortunately. :( Love you!
Arcaninemaster - I think you're a really great person to talk to. I think we'd be great friends if we had more conversations. #KenzusAngels
JesseM - You and I have just gotten closer recently, and I enjoy our conversations. Unfortunately, they don't happen that much but I feel like it's because we're both pretty busy. Let's keep in touch for sure!
rawr25 - After I found out who you were, our history together obviously makes me want to put you here. I hope we can continue to get closer even though baza76 is a piece of shit xx ;)
Tyler93 - We don't really talk, but due to our Survivor history together, obviously I'm going to put you here. Love ya xoxo
Boots22 - Darcy, I think you're an awesome person! :) I really like talking to you even though we don't talk that often. Wish we were as close as we were at one point in the past, though!
sallyyisfabulous - I honestly forget how we met, I think it was in a Quick Stars, but I'm glad that we met! I do wish we talked more though. :(

BigBrotherDonny - I think you and I would get along well. I always see you in games, and you seem like a pretty down to earth guy.
PureEssence - You're really close to the friend category now, but we don't usually have many 1on1 conversations. I think you stated in one of your PYNs that I only talked to you for Stars support that one time, and that wasn't true. I didn't have intentions of joining Stars until that Saturday. :P
JasonXtreme - I would consider you and I to be almost friends as we seem to get along whenever we do have short convos, but we don't have them ever. Let's change that!
Darbe - You supported me in Stars, so I will put you in here. We haven't had a convo though :)
#DontTakeMyPeach - We have had a conversation or two, but not talked enough to be considered friends yet!

Don't know you
DumbGinger - I've seen you around quite a bit, but we have never had a conversation so I can't rank you anywhere else.
C00LDUDE1000 - I have seen you around a lot, but unfortunately we haven't really talked. :P
FlygonRocks79 - You're a white level, so I think you probably assumed you'd be in this category.
@Vibe - I feel like we may have talked a one point.. but I can't really remember so I'm going to put you in here!
parkerstack7 - Sorry, I have no idea who you are.

Dislike you

Hate you


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Hey hun.
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Me Brandonpinzu
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i better be a bestie mama
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yes me
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Prob gonna be acquaintances or dunno lel
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me xx
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do me mod pinz
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Do me!
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shut up slutzu
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Meh! :)
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i will be under dont know
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Me plz
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Me bitch < 3
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