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  1. sister dressed my avatar..
  2. ...want some drugs?
  3. support black business
  4. gays on tengaged
  5. why do some of yall
  6. daily reminder
  7. Could someone
  8. I've never met
  9. tg games are so boring
  10. anybody else
  11. COW.
  12. brxan is doing this
  13. Why is everyone surprised
  14. stars support
  15. i hate rainbows
  16. Remind me to never
  17. Godfrey Mangwiza deserved to win
  18. Who wins tonight
  19. PYN for an opinion
  20. I'm sorry but there will
  21. 50 cent is a G
  22. save or gift?
  23. Kyle is so fucking gay
  24. interracial couples should be illegal
  25. congrats on your win!
  26. Stars Support!
  28. I just filtered someone
  29. should I buy blood
  30. I miss Homogenic
  31. ruin or nah..
  32. Can shops post for cheap?
  33. Love ur avi! Trying to get mine as good!
  35. PYN for a gift
  36. Stars support
  37. my god
  38. Who wants a gift?
  39. you deserve to die
  40. the spanish people

PYN for an opinion

Jan 15, 2018 by born2pizza
baileyboy1 - I know you won stars a couple months ago, congrats I guess? I don't usually stalk the blogs page but when I do roam around the blogs pages I see you and your annoying friends blogging and shit.. and you blog literally the same thing with "Imagine" as the title, find some new material son.

iYBF - Wow.. you're literally a character an annoying one in fact. If I'm being honest I don't really hate you but there are times you can be unbearable not to mention how many times you and your butt buddies make snarky jokes as if any of them are funny. You're literally a hard "xD"


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I'm curious about this.
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ok me
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