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  1. ill punch you
  2. Strive to die!
  3. the pain you feel
  4. What a way to spend ur birthday
  5. ill punch you
  6. ill punch you
  7. ill punch you
  8. ill punch u
  9. Gift me
  10. ill punch you
  11. ill punch u
  12. how tf
  13. Sasha
  14. Does anyone
  15. yare yare
  16. lmfao
  17. Who can enroll me in Stars?
  18. I still
  19. who wants anything from shops?
  20. post something original
  21. TAG ME HERE!
  22. Toronto playing really good
  23. stars support
  24. joining stars tonight?
  25. i swear
  26. you are not
  27. Ariana Grande is bad lol
  28. Spam me
  29. has anyone ever watched
  30. Numb
  31. black beats white
  32. Just got a dub on Fortnite
  33. ugly design after ugly design
  34. My, my.
  35. we could possibly be at WWIII
  36. do not give gagaluv
  37. mood
  38. oh my god
  39. A tengager has just died
  40. Gagaluv


Jan 6, 2018 by born2pizza
This design doesn't make sense, why put Jordan and Nike together? That's so ugly

Sent by Slice,Jan 6, 2018
dead.. Slice
Sent by born2pizza,Jan 6, 2018
LOL a lot of us whites think its basically the same thing anyway so she was probably just ignant
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Jan 6, 2018
I do what I want ur approval is not needed
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 6, 2018

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