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  1. Dumbass
  2. how you gonna post
  3. sister dressed my avatar..
  4. ...want some drugs?
  5. support black business
  6. gays on tengaged
  7. why do some of yall
  8. daily reminder
  9. Could someone
  10. I've never met
  11. tg games are so boring
  12. anybody else
  13. COW.
  14. brxan is doing this
  15. Why is everyone surprised
  16. stars support
  17. i hate rainbows
  18. Remind me to never
  19. Godfrey Mangwiza deserved to win
  20. Who wins tonight
  21. PYN for an opinion
  22. I'm sorry but there will
  23. 50 cent is a G
  24. save or gift?
  25. Kyle is so fucking gay
  26. interracial couples should be illegal
  27. congrats on your win!
  28. Stars Support!
  30. I just filtered someone
  31. should I buy blood
  32. I miss Homogenic
  33. ruin or nah..
  34. Can shops post for cheap?
  35. Love ur avi! Trying to get mine as good!
  37. PYN for a gift
  38. Stars support
  39. my god
  40. Who wants a gift?


Jan 6, 2018 by born2pizza
This design doesn't make sense, why put Jordan and Nike together? That's so ugly

Sent by Slice,Jan 6, 2018
dead.. Slice
Sent by born2pizza,Jan 6, 2018
LOL a lot of us whites think its basically the same thing anyway so she was probably just ignant
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Jan 6, 2018
I do what I want ur approval is not needed
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 6, 2018

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