Big Brother and online Hunger games.


May 12, 2020 by bomberv
these days i feel so catfish PUTTING MY AVI AS A FEMALE LMAO


because ur not a real woman like me
Sent by Akeria,May 12, 2020
Coming out of the closet as a straight man?
Sent by Minie,May 12, 2020
minie YES LOL
Sent by bomberv,May 12, 2020
i dont blame you, the female avi's are so much better than the males
Sent by paul028,May 12, 2020
I hope nobody is catfished by my avatar, I just think it's so cute
Sent by OutRAGE,May 12, 2020
Hey hru?
Sent by unkown,May 12, 2020

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