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Survivor: Tuvalu - A Survivor Fanfic EP1

Sep 26, 2016 by blueu22
imageHi yall, longedshorted and I (although I did minimal work besides coming up with some of the cast + bios) wrote a Survivor Fanfic !

If any1 is bored or wants to start reading a new one, I'm gonna post the episodes as they're released to tengaged !

Here is episode 1:

If anyone wants to be tagged so they can see the upcoming episodes, post a comment and I'll tag you in the posts !

NOTE: This isn't a crappy fanfic, it's actually long and thought out and interesting, so yeah!




gonna tag like 3 people who i think would be interested somebodyawesome patrick319 ethan000

idk any1 else!
Sent by blueu22,Sep 26, 2016
tag me :)
Sent by dawson905,Sep 26, 2016
Ohhh yes, thanks for tagging me
Sent by Ethan000,Sep 26, 2016
me @ next week

queen eddie ready to destroy gavin
Sent by Patrick319,Sep 26, 2016
also celeste is the worst

*2 people are talking*

celeste: wow they just had a conversation, they MUST go!
Sent by Patrick319,Sep 26, 2016

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