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Another Tengaged Mod Idea

Jan 25, 2021 by blazermaniac94
It would basically be a 13 person mod panel, broken into two parts.   

The first part would be 3 people that Randomize would name.  These 3 would have the ability to ban people but would only be allowed to ban people the other panel of 10 told them too.  The only exception would be if someone posted porn or other inappropriate images.   These 3 would be on a hopefully permanent basis so that way Randomize doesn't have to deal with a rotating group of people.   

The panel of 10 would be the ones who would looks t the reports and vote wether or not someone should be banned.   In the case of a tie the panel of 3 would decide.    These 10 positions would be based on a monthly vote by Tengaged and every month 5 positions would be available.   People could serve multiple non-consecutive "Terms" on the panel.

Obviously this isn't the perfect solution and there really won't be, but I was bored and my Poly Sci brain enjoyed trying to come up with a solution.


I dont fully hate this. Rando = Admin (he has full power) the 3 he picks are the HEADmods, and then the 10 voted in could be regular mods.

only problem i have is when  it comes to voting we see multis and stuff. People spamming to get votes the such. There would have to be some sort of way where only people that have clean records, or (better would be people that havent been banned in years as they should have grown and matured (obvs depends on what they had been banned for in the past)) something could run
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 25, 2021
Wow a monthly vote to elect people who can kick people off the site. Don't see how that could be abused by entrenched friend groups and cliques /s
This sounds like a high stakes game mode. Fuck off
Sent by manopause,Jan 25, 2021
andalarew_2231 I know nothing about programing but I wonder if there could be a way for only people who were silver or above to vote.   Obviously less than ideal for those that are not higher level but would eliminate the ability multis to impact the vote.

manopause I mean ideally that wouldn't happen.   The bans also don't have to be permanent.   They can be for a month or even a week.
Sent by blazermaniac94,Jan 25, 2021

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